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  1. Dutch electric pulse fishing

    BBC news - Dutch electric pulse fishing Some info about it, many obvious questions unanswered.
  2. Site upgrade and server move

    Oli Couple of suggested enhancements for the species comp. A list of the species and how often they have been reported (obviously once per boat) but would be interesting (to me anyway) to see the spread by different species particularly the ones that are caught less often. The other is I haven't found a way to view or report on the species comp from Tapatalk it not being part of the forum. Anyway round this? Steve
  3. Alderney 2018

    I'm sure Mainbrace can lay on petrol, would be best to order it before hand so it's ready for you. It would likely be in plastic tanks that will be lowered down to the boat for you to fill from. I've seen it done with a charter boat that was running outboats. Mainbrace are helpful guys.
  4. Alderney 2018

    Ok up to 4 boats already, all old hands, in some cases very old... Any of the newer/newish members fancy taking their boats over there??, it's quite an experience,. Personally I love going, we normally do a 3 or 4 day trip, either wrecking on the way there and back or just for half a day on the way back, rest on the time fishing the huge banks, but also other choices of targets as well depending on what we think is being caught. If you're not sure if your boat is up to it, or big enough then just ask the members opinions, some will give sensible answers... Going with some buddy boats takes a lot of stress out of it and reduces the learning curve.
  5. Alderney 2018

    Yes it that time of year again! First the bad news from my look at the tides, the prefered smallest ones don't fall very well over a weekend and some of the neap tides are not very neap. Tide wise the best dates appear to be: Mon 7th to Sat 12th May with the Sunday a somewhat bigger tide but fine for wrecking. The smaller tides 2 weeks either side of these dates are not that small. As a reserve date I would plump for Thu 24th May to Sun 27th May but the tides are significantly bigger so very much a reserve date. Well Tigerfish is planning to make the trip in spite of the mishaps last year (Double Whammy), anyone else?
  6. Webasto heater problem - Fan fault

    Thanks Mick, not checked the supply fuse, I'll try and locate the fuse tomorrow, mine may be on a breaker, there are rows of them but none labeled Heater but some are labelled 'extra'. About running the heater regularly, I've been doing that since I've had the boat but for some reason I haven't this year since April...
  7. I have a Webasto Air Top 2000 S diesel heater. The rheostat was faulty and I've replaced it (old one kept buzzing and the light flickered on it). So feeling pleased with having sorted it, the heater then started throwing up error code 8 . This is a fan problem apparently, I say apparently as I can hear the fan running until it abruptly stops at the same time as the error code appears. The heater is located in the engine bay and a couple of times it has worked ok and heated the boat, both times it was when the engines had got the engine bay good and warm, but on another similar occasion it still wouldn't start. On the second occasion it worked I tried just leaving it on set on a low temperature thinking it just needed some regular use but when I came back next day it had the same fault code. The fault code appears between 2 and 8 seconds after turning the heater on. I have checked the electrical connectors to the resostat and to the heater itself and they appear to be clean but I gave them a dose of electrical lubricant anyway to no effect Any idea what the problem might be? Could you recommend anyone to fix it, preferably based in the Lymington area? Thanks and Happy New Year!
  8. I have the following Raymarine kit for sale after updating the equipment on my boat, all in good working order and with the latest software updates MFD E180 - with screen cover and power supply cable, no pivot mount (surface mounting required) - £450 MFD E80 - with screen cover and power supply cable, no pivot mount (surface mounting required) - £350 2kw 18" analogue radar - pathfinder - 2D2KW - £280 Also available: DSM300 Sounder SeaTalkhs Ethernet Switch Various cables
  9. Cod Competition - Sunday 19th

    Assuming there are no late posters that is 4 cod caught amongst 16 boats and 30 odd anglers, a very meagre return, they are just not there at present. I counted 50 boats fishing the Car Park, I don't think our boats were alone in not catching, Private Venture did have one but that's all I heard of.
  10. Cod Competition - Sunday 19th

    Tigerfish Cod(ling) to Alun of 2lb We also had whiting that size. . Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  11. Angling Trust - members update

    The survey is for Angling Trust Members.
  12. Cod Competition - Sunday 19th

    1) Serenity - Tony, Neal and Stuie 2) Alfresco - Sam and Eileen 3) Tarlach - Neil and Another (yet to be determined). 4) Tigerfish - Steve, Alun, Mike Fox 5) Reel Magic - Dave Mick 6) Madness - Dean, Martin, Phil Trevett 7) Y-Knot - Mal and Trevor ​8) Marlin - Greg and Rob Samways 9) Boat?-Allan, Dave L and John St 10) My Baby - Norman and Dogfishdave
  13. Cod Competition - Sunday 19th

    Tigerfish - Steve, Alun
  14. Thought I would post that the problem is now fixed. The guys at Ropewalk thought it was a sticky gear selector cable. I found that surprising given the symptoms, anyway, I let them go change it which they managed without putting the boat on the hard by doing some of the work attaching the cable to the leg underwater from the swim platform, impressive and saved me a haul out charge. Anyway after a month of use and many many gear selections/de-selections all of the faults listed above have disappeared so I think I can say it is sorted.
  15. Making stuff from stainless steel

    Thanks for all your input guys. I haven't machined stainless no Jim, just cut holes in it and seen a similar effect, I used to cut titanium (when i worked for British Aerospace, so so long ago) and that had a similar characteristic. I like to do stuff myself if practical but if not I'm happy to use Matt.