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  1. Steve S

    Slow jigging

    I've tried slow jigging round here and caught a few fish with it. As Ian says needs to be minimal tide. At slack water when it can be used over wrecks most fish are off the feed and slow jigging does not change that at least not for me. There are situations occasionally where it could be good at least I hope so as I keep one setup on the boat.
  2. Steve S

    Bass Competition

    No, not me Martin, I didn't get past the Needles. I see there were a few boats out there, any cod?
  3. Steve S

    Bass Competition

    Had a quite a few good bass today, best 5lb 8oz (released) another a fraction smaller. Same weight as Alun's I see!
  4. Steve S

    Buying a wilson flyer 17 feet

    I've got a couple of good quality swivel seats in white and blue if that's of interest
  5. Steve S

    one bass a day from October

    I agree Peter, 1 bass take limit to apply from the 1st October until the end of the year.
  6. Steve S

    Testing Radio

    Marine radio is for use at sea, not inland. Having said that being on shore say by a pontoon and using your radio to call a boat lets say a water taxi is no problem.
  7. Steve S

    Bass Competition

    Since there is no ban on catch and release I see no reason not to hold the annual competition. Places I fish typically have commercials catching all they can for sale and hopefully releasing underside ones, against that not holding the comp is a pointless gesture IMO.
  8. Steve S

    Near miss whilst at Anchor off Southbourne.

    Horses for courses, if it's a ship they will have AIS ideally call them using that, if not VHF chl 16. I have taken to leaving transmitting my position where ships are likely giving them every chance to avoid you. For something small a horn is a good. Always be prepared to move. Need to have a plan in advance. For me I don't plan to cut the anchor rope I will manoeuvre the boat taking account of it boats arn't that wide but if it's big ship might have to. I'm not going to be sinking from the wash. And if it's a rush nobody is going to be winding in we will be moving! Sort the mess out later.
  9. Steve S

    Shellbay moorings

    There is also Lymington Yacht Haven and you may be able to get on a winter mooring on Lymington Harbour if you can it will be low cost.
  10. Steve S

    Shakedown trip tomorrow

    There is a lot of a sea breeze around currently which is often not on the forecasts. Early morning to midday is your best bet.
  11. Steve S

    Course adventure

    I used to fish the Kennet for barbel too when I worked in Reading, that was my thing for many years. Fished also over the RDAC waters including the sections you mentioned and the section the Red Spinners have. For shear quality it was the Backstream for me (used for matches on weekends), so many doubles. Had to be a bit careful down there mind in the evening, had my car done over there once and often didn't feel too safe. I caught a 'golden' barbel down there once, it was about 8lb, was very light in colour and had a red/yellow tail. My friend and I developed a special bait which we mixed up overselves, it was brilliant, we would go an a stretch and throw in a few pounds of it at likely spots and then fish it a few days later, once they were on it, they stayed on it you could catch them in the middle of the day and in the winter, it was hard to keep quiet what we were using, I would have a some luncheon meat on show to try and put people off but sometimes they would just hang around so I stopped fishing and talked or used meat while waiting for them to move off. There's photo's of all my catches including the golden barbel. Sad to hear the Kennet is not what it was. Glad you are have a great time on the Wye Rob, it's a beautiful river along that part and I loved my barbel fishing. I just don't have the time to do it and sea fish as well and to be honest I was ready for a new challenge and sea fishing certainly is that.
  12. Steve S

    48 Hr Competition

    No real big stuff on our trip best of it was: Terry: 10lb 9oz Pollock Alun: 10lb 2oz Pollock and 5lb Cod Stuie: 15oz Red Gurnard, 7lb 3oz Pollock Steve: 3lb 8oz Ballan Wrasse, 7lb 3oz Cod. We also had scad, whiting, bass, poor cod, pout, mackerel and a brittle star all on lures!
  13. Steve S

    Sea Start

    A problem with sea start is the range they cover, up to 3 mile offshore, ok for very local boating but not for much else.
  14. Steve S

    48 Hr Competition

    Tigerfish: Alun, Terry, Stuie, Steve
  15. Steve S

    Anchor and chain

    You make an interesting point Mike. These 'super' anchors like the Rocna, can really dig in a soft bed fantastically well according to their ratings however they can be hard to get out again I have been told, I would not want to use one on the various ground we anchor in, they are expensive!