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    Friday Night Conger

    Hi Gordon, I've got transport issues at the moment, so travelling to Mudeford from Poole is a no goer for me Im afraid mate. Shame because me and Mark have done some night sorties to the ledge, theres some good eels out there. Hope you find a crew. Scott
  2. Scott T

    Friday Night Conger

    I'd be up for that, where do you lauch from Manic??? Scott
  3. Scott T

    Anyone Need An Anchor Monkey This Weekend?

    Would have been right up for that Tom, unfortunatley two of the lads have already booked off tomorrow Some other time for sure, just need a few days notice Thanks for the offer mate Scott
  4. Is anyone short of crew this weekend??? Espadon and Mark are'nt playing this weekend and Im itching to get out after two weeks off the fish. Poole area ideally, got all my own kit...........pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Scott
  5. Scott T


    Good one Tom, no I didn't know the sex, couldn't remember which had the claspers. Like Mark said both fish went very well on 12lb gear and in 38mtrs of water. And that storm was something else Scott
  6. Scott T

    Another Good Bass

    Went out on a charter yesterday, had one Bass, 7.5lb again, caught in Freshwater Bay on live mackie Scott
  7. Scott T

    Night Fishing...

    Definitely be using the net next time, and the gaff wasn't going anywhere other than under the chin of the eel, but she was spinning like a good un. And as JIMBOB says, a 40lb reef eel is a good size I think, definitely worth targeting seriousley, if thats your thing of course! Scott
  8. Scott T

    Night Fishing...

    Was a great session, and good experience all round. Mark is being kind regarding the eel we lost, I made a mistake, but we live and learn. We both dropped a good fish, mine was due to me being cocky and fishing to light. Plenty of mackies off Boscombe pier too. Good night, sea flattened right off on the way back to the quay, think we'll try it again for sure. Scott
  9. Scott T

    Large Seatbow For Sale

    Bugger.............................. Its not mine but a mates, thats what he wants for it. Scott
  10. Scott T

    Large Seatbow For Sale

    Seatbox even I have a large blue Shakespear seatbox for sale, its in very good nick and has the breakaway harness attached, whic acts as a backrest and backpack. Was thinking about
  11. Scott T


    Be great if any of them could speak English, let alone read it ! Scott
  12. Scott T

    Bass Bandits

    Great report Tom, enjoyed reading that, nice effort with the 7lb'er, thats two in a week for the club!!! Scott
  13. Scott T

    First Bass Aboard Espadon

    Hi All, First report I've posted on the forum. Markee B and myself begrudgingly took the day off work yestersday for a few hours aboard Espadon. We headed west with a plan to target rays and tope. Mackies were illusive although we did manage enough for the day. Halfway acroos Swanage bay Markee B has GPS issues and we are fishing blind . We decide to head for the general direction of the Whitehouse Grounds, drop the hook into a fast flowing tide. Doggies were in force from the off, and Mark dropped a good fish early on. As the tide slackened slightly, I had a thumping bite, the fish had clearly hooked itself first hit, It felt good initially, mid water seemed to settle down, thought it was a small tope until it hit the surface and I saw the enormous mouth of a good bass, gave the fish some line and it shot off like a steam train, scrapping well until Mark netted her, beauty. It weighed 8.5lb on Marks dodgey scales , took it to Poole Sea Angling where Andy weighed it at 7.5lb, still my PB and a stunning fish, dead chuffed, thanks Mark. It is now our secret Bass mark, so secret even we don't know where it is due to lack of GPS Scott
  14. Scott T

    First Bass Aboard Espadon

    Nice one Jack, waterproof paint presumably???? Scott
  15. Scott T

    First Bass Aboard Espadon

    It must have been Markee B's expert intuition Duncan, was very much suck it and see when we dropped the hook, we were fishing 1.5lb of lead at the time, which was a shame, by the time the tide started ebbing hard it became pretty much unfishable, we were using half of a side of fish on a 4/0. Like Mark said, thanks to Mad Mike we were able to find the grounds visually without to much problem, good job as we didn't have many choices!!! Was great to get a good fish over the gunnels of Espadon, we've put in some fruitless hours over the past few weeks all bar some good bream, and its great when it all comes together. Its quite a learning curve, but as you can see Markee B's doing good, and my anchor monkey skills are building. Heres to loads more lunkers Scott
  16. Scott T

    First Bass Aboard Espadon

    Thanks fellas, still smiling this morning!!! Tom, GPS was fine until we were just off Peveril when it froze, but I'm sure Mark will tell you all about it. And your right, would of missed the fish if we'd of headed for our original mark. Kaptain Kod, great tip!!! Like it Scott
  17. Scott T

    Now Recruiting

    Make sure it is only temporary, and tell whoever fills my anchor monkey shoes to look after my anchor I promise not to catch too much when I go to Alder's, and also promise not to send you picture messages of every fish I catch. Scott
  18. Scott T

    Dolphind Bream Comp

    Really looking forward to this Sundays comp, the baits ordered and we know where we are going. Should be a good one, got a feeling the winning fish will be a beauty judging by recent reports. Good luck to all competitors Scott
  19. Scott T

    Left Handed Multipliers

    Cheers for the helpfull response fella's, The Penn was on the shortlist, looks like that or he digs deeper and buys a bigger Avet. Shame Shimano don't do a left handed TLD, just bought a 20 myself and its a quality unit. Scott
  20. Scott T

    Left Handed Multipliers

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a medium size left handed boat multiplier, its not for me but my cack handed father, hes got a 12lb set of gear, he's currently using an Avet, but he wants a 20/30lb set as well, and there ain't many out there, Abu 7001 would be too small, and the Shimano TLD's only come right handed. Any suggestions??? Thanks Scott
  21. Scott T

    Friday 28th

    Oopp's, can I have my lead back please??? That happened during an 'incident' up Wareham channel, I personally hold the skipper fully responsible. Scott
  22. Scott T

    Friday 28th

    Errrr, sorry mate, how little 'you' catch. Scott
  23. Scott T


    I can honestly say I've really enjoyed reading BFM, much more than other mags anyway. All angling publications are guilty of the same crimes, i.e repeat articles year on year, but I suppose there is only so much that can be written about catching various species. Great response from Jim Whippy, good on ya. Scott
  24. Scott T

    Friday 28th

    I think its a great plan mate Think people might be sulking because we are abusing the already long weekend by bunking off Friday. All we need do now is find them fish. Scott
  25. Scott T


    Glad I wasn't the only one, hit me at work and at home later on. Would be worth reminding people to keep there anti virus software up to date. Scott