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  1. Wight Magic

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Xmas to everyone Dave
  2. Wight Magic

    Cod Competition

    You gotta be quick in this game
  3. Wight Magic

    Cod Competition

    1 Court Jester - Neal plus Crew TBA 2 Kelly's Hero - John, Dave L+ two 3 Reel Magic - Dave crew tba
  4. Wight Magic

    Bob Horne Memorial - Flounder Comp

    1) Court Jester - Neal, Stuie, Steve Scott 2) MegaByte - Brian, TBD 3) Kingfisher - Chris, Niggle 4) Fisheagle- Allan and Dave L. 5) Madness - Martin, Dean + ? sorry no heater 6)Reel Bizzy Kev , Jacob and Dave
  5. Wight Magic

    Annual Cod Competition

    Sorry Reel Magic is going to have to pull out good luck to all that fish Dave
  6. Wight Magic

    Riding Assistant Required.

    I think its a bum job
  7. Wight Magic

    Annual Cod Competition

    1) Court Jester - Neal + crew TBA Club and Poole Sea Angling Comps 2) Alfresco- Charlie, Will, Sam and Dan Club and Poole sea angling comps 3) Tigerfish - Steve, Alun Club comp only probably 4) Reel Magic Dave crew TBA both comps
  8. Wight Magic

    Happy Birthday Stuie

    Happy birthday Stuie Dave
  9. Wight Magic

    Birthday boy NIGGLE 29th

    Happy birthday nige have great day Dave
  10. Wight Magic

    Dogfish Dave & PBSBAC 2016 Species Competition

    Boats entering; Kingfisher Court Jester Feisty Fox Sea wolf Reel magic
  11. Wight Magic

    Chest Wadders for Sale

    I hope so
  12. Wight Magic

    Alderney 2016

    And he lived up to his name nice treble in the thumb
  13. Wight Magic

    Alderney 2016

    The same here reel magic is set and ready to go
  14. Wight Magic

    Birthday Boys

    Happy birthday to you both
  15. Wight Magic

    25th Anniversary Promo Video Shoot

    1 - Joint Venture - Aquafish 28 2 - Madness - Rodman 870 3 - Orca - Explorer Elite. (hopefully) 4 - Sea Dream - Alaska 500 5 - Wishin Too - Osprey 24 (subject to date/hols 6 - Reflections 2 - Ryds 600AC 7 - Reel Magic offshore 29
  16. Wight Magic

    Alderney 2016

    Im going to give it a bit more time but agree not looking good
  17. Wight Magic

    Happy Birthday Kingfisher 126

    Happy birthday Chris hope you have a good day Dave
  18. Wight Magic

    Alderney 2016

    Thanks Charlie
  19. Wight Magic

    Happy Birthday Tiddler

    Happy birthday jim you know whose going to eat all the cakes to day Have a good one see you soon
  20. Wight Magic

    Frisky/Feisty Fox

    Good luck mike she looked good when you showed me around you will soon have her right
  21. Wight Magic

    Happy 11th Birthday Jacob

    Happy birthday jacob have a good day
  22. Wight Magic

    Happy birthday Adam

    Happy birthday Adam hope yo are having a good day
  23. Wight Magic

    Alderney 2016

    Im looking at going on the 29th weather dependant and with a twist of my arm may look to go back 2 weeks later Dave
  24. Wight Magic

    Happy Birthday Ben

    Happy birthday Ben
  25. Wight Magic

    Safety Information

    Cold hands small phone