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  1. Wight Magic

    Cod Competition - Sunday 19th

    Reel Magic Dave Mick
  2. Wight Magic

    Birthday greetings Oli

    Happy birthday ok I hope you had a good day
  3. Wight Magic

    Happy Birthday Stuie

    Happy birthday stuie hope you have a good one Dave
  4. Wight Magic

    Ray Competition

    Reel Magic Dave,Mick. Sunday
  5. Wight Magic

    Engine change

    Hi Jerry as Adam has said I've got a Ivcoe 420 on a shaft with a 5 bladed prop it's a great set up for me she does 2ltr to the mile little maintenance yes a little over gunned but we'll worth it as owned a 250 arvor previous and always felt it struggled a bit the plus sides with shaft drive is that it could cost up to a grand a year to service a leg a year Charlie is lucky as he can sort a lot of he's problems out very quickly with his background and his children Adam is again lucky having built his boat and is dry stacked he can get issue's with the leg sorted quickly My thoughts good luck Dave
  6. Wight Magic

    4th Fanham Cub Pack

    I would suggest lake peir but would worry about safety issues Dave
  7. Wight Magic

    Cherbourg wrecking trip

    Reel Magic is up for it
  8. Wight Magic

    Steep Learning Curve

    Kev Chris W Greg Nigel Mick P Jerry Dave E
  9. Wight Magic

    Happy Birthday Sam

    Happy birthday Sam Hope you're having a great time
  10. Wight Magic

    Alderney 2017

    Reel Magic is going 3 day trip leaving Cobbs about 6 Dave
  11. Wight Magic

    Alderney 2017

    It looked ok over the weekend but has really changed on xc today hopefully it will settle out
  12. As long as that was the only place it was hanging from
  13. Wight Magic

    Bream Competition

    Reel Magic results Dave 2 lb 9 1/2 Oz Mick 2 lb 4 Oz Jim 1 lb 9 oz
  14. Wight Magic

    Bream Competition

    1) Serenity - Tony, Neal, Stuie - Sunday 2) Reel Magic - Dave, Jim , Mick- Sunday 3) Looby 3 - Jerry, Jerry? - Sunday
  15. Wight Magic

    Happy Birthday Charlie & Dave

    Happy birthday to you both Dave
  16. Wight Magic

    Bream Competition

    Hi mate I've got a space on Sunday if you want Dave
  17. Wight Magic

    Alderney 2017

    I'm looking to go on the 19th as can't make the first dates I have space if anyone wants to come Also if any boat's would like to buddy up Dave
  18. Wight Magic

    Spring Species Hunt

    1) Sea Dream - with Neal & Stuie - Monday 17th April 2) Fisheagle - crew to confirm. Probably Sun or Monday. To confirm 3) alfresco- Friday 14th- Sam, Charlie and will 4) Kingfisher - Chris W, Mal T, Dave Wilson - Sunday 16th 5) Feisty Fox - Mike, Carol, George, Freya - currently targeting Monday 17th 6) Boblin. - Colin & Pete Russel Snr. Saturday 7) Joint Venture - Adam, Ruben, Olivia, Rob - today Friday 8)Reel Magic Dave and crew tba out Monday
  19. Wight Magic

    Monday trip

    Looking to go wrecking Monday any other boat's looking to go that way Dave
  20. Wight Magic

    Happy Birthday Will

    Happy birthday Will hope you had a good day Dave
  21. Wight Magic

    Happy Birthday Jim

    Happy early birthday from me as well
  22. Wight Magic


    My condolences to you and your family Matt Peter will be missed Dave
  23. Wight Magic

    Alderney 2017

    I'm looking to go over not sure what dates yet Dave
  24. Wight Magic

    New 6kg/14lb anchor for sale

    A bigger one
  25. Wight Magic

    Happy Birthday Dave

    Thanks for all the good wishes yes no doubt I may have a couple of shandies tonight Mal do tell