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  1. Crewing

    Ohhhhhhhh Yes ! It's Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Thanks Martin. Still a bit cold for Tiddler yet. I'm getting old y'know !
  2. Crewing

    There IS room for a little skinny fella ! Do we know where we can find one ?
  3. Crewing

    Is there room for a little skinny fella Martin ?
  4. Happy Birthday Cap'n Hook

    Happy Birthday Craig. Hope all's well in " BRIZZUL "
  5. Poole Bridge

    Just been to Asda in Poole. Twin sails closed for maintenance. Why the flipping heck are the lights at the Blandford road end working as normal. They're stopping traffic when there's NOBODY there ! Of all the things that can be done in the modern age . . . . . . . .why can't they be switched to using the detectors so that on the off chance someone did want to access the businesses they could but the extra traffic on the Blandford road could proceed. I had a small queue going towards Poole but the poor devils coming back were queuing back from Riggler road all the way to Towngate bridge. ( At 6:45pm ) If anyone knows someone on the council to forward this to then please do ! ! !
  6. Magic for Seniors

    Great ! Gave me a big laugh !
  7. Photobucket pictures

    Thanks Charlie. Yes all this cloud storage starts off free and when they think you've swallowed the hook they start charging you. Dave: Thanks for putting in the effort.
  8. A selection of funnies.

    My favourite was the Grass cuttings for veggies ! But they're all great.
  9. Photobucket pictures

    I don't use Photobucket. Thanks anyway Dave. Also deleted my Face Ache & Linked in ! A lot less crap coming through now ! ! " Grumpy old B**ger "
  10. Happy Birthday Ben

    Happy Birthday Ben. Hope all's well. Have an extra slice of cake. Jim
  11. Breaking News

  12. Happy Birthday Matt

    Happy Birthday Young Un. Hope it's all going well. Plenty of Beer & Cake I hope.
  13. Lazy old Tiddler

    They're from Iraq Neil. As for the price ? I'm very happy with it !
  14. Lazy old Tiddler

    Here's the " After " pictures. I was NOT looking forward to that job ! Well worth the dosh he charged me ! I know I'm lazy but when you get to my age you deserve a little laziness every so often ! !
  15. Lazy old Tiddler

    So I went home and started cleaning the cover . . . And the concrete where I park Tiddler. . . .