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  1. Happy Birthday Jerry

    Happy Birthday Jerry. Hope you have a great day and maybe a Doombar or 5 Jim
  2. Happy Birthday Darvster

    Happy Birthday Lee, The BIG 40 isn't it ? Enjoy. Jim
  3. Swanage.

    Pleased it all went well Steve. I didn't get a lot of dangling time but here's my catch. I had to chase a few boats & jet skis down and was very happy with Tiddler's speed. A couple got through wile I was practicing with my GPS or taking a leak but I stopped most of them. The Misty stuff seemed to come & go as the day went on. Jim
  4. A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Hi Hooky, Brass will expand quickly with heat. Aluminium will expand more & quicker. In my old motorbike days . . . . Chucking stuff in the oven ( when wifey's not looking ) can loosen things quite well. You need big thick welders gloves. The gloves are thick . . . . not the welder Rob ! Always worth a go. Jim
  5. Floatation Suit

    Someone's been " Beamed up "
  6. A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Ask Mrs. Hooky. She'll confirm it ! All boys are Pillocks
  7. Latest HOW Uk trip

    I used to love Pike fishing ! Didn't catch lots but really enjoyed the fight that they give. A long time ago now. As you say . . . . JP's face tells it all. Thanks for keeping us updated Martin. Jim
  8. Two different doctors

    That surprised me ! ! I was convinced it was gonna say " the first one's in prison "
  9. Bream Comp results

    Well done all. Sorry I had to miss it. Jim
  10. Rodman v Merry fisher?

  11. Rodman v Merry fisher?

    Plenty of deck space here. https://www.boatsandoutboards.co.uk/Motorboats/targa-25/135491
  12. A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Good luck Hooky. Buddy boat's a good idea even if you're not going too far. ( just until you've been out a few times ) Jim
  13. New member Vince Vee Gee

    Welcome Vince.
  14. Happy Birthday.

    Happy birthday Charlie and Dave A bit breezy for fishing so maybe a Beer & Cake day in stead ! ! Enjoy ! !
  15. Birthday greetings John

    Happy Birthday John.