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  1. Mr. FOBOFF is working overtime again then ! When dealing with people . . . .Always get their name and write it down. Not nice when they promise to phone back with no intention of doing so.
  2. Tiddler

    Isle of Wight Cod

    Saw this at the end of my lunch break but didn't have time to post it. A real beauty ! Been on my mind all afternoon so I had to go and get COD & CHIPS from the chippy !
  3. Tiddler

    Very slow day in the bay

    Nice one Stuie.
  4. Happy Birthday Mike & Silverfish Not able to retire yet then Mike. Another 6 months I expect. Never mind. Both of you have a great Birthday with Lashings & Lashings Beer & Cake.
  5. Tiddler

    New Police Boat

    That's Good news Brian.
  6. Tiddler

    Warrior Pro Angler

    You & me both Sean.
  7. Tiddler


    Good decision Alun.
  8. Tiddler

    Happt birthday Ian

    Happy Birthday Ian. Happy birthday Paul as well.
  9. Tiddler

    Happy birthday Martin

    Happy Birthday Martin. I expect the family will be spoiling you. At least if you fall over on the way home you can blame the snow Nothing to do with the Gin !
  10. Tiddler

    Happy Birthday Brian

    Indeed ! A very big thanks for all your committee work. Have an extra slice of cake ! !
  11. Tiddler

    Happy Birthday Brian

    Happy Birthday Brian. & Happy Birthday Jamie as well.
  12. Tiddler

    Happy Birthday Ian

    Happy Birthday Ian. Beer & Cake ! 😋
  13. Tiddler

    Alderney 2019

    There's an image I can't conjure up! Dave with a diet coke !
  14. Tiddler

    One for the bird watchers!!

    Brave man Charlie !
  15. Tiddler

    One for the bird watchers!!

    She's feeling better then Mick.