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  1. nice pics. have voted.good luck.jack
  2. Being a "grumpy old sod" I love it when phoning to complain....I always ask ."is this conversation being recorded ?" then follow up with."good,Firstly can I have your name and position with the company ?" You would be amazed how this sharpens the attention of the operative. Like many thousands of ordinary members of the public,I have nothing to hide and welcome big brothers intrusion,if it puts a rein on the activities of those "with something to hide". Bring it on ! jack
  3. jack

    "AWOL" engine problems

    Good luck Martin.I hope it all gets sorted to your satisfaction.Duff engines are not a very good option at sea.especially to a long range man like yourself.Best wishes Jack
  4. jack

    good day on the bream

    Well done,pleased to hear you had put some back.One wonders how many of the reported "200" catch went back last week. ..Cheers Jack
  5. jack

    Happy Birthday Kam

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAM.!! Have a good big one from jack .
  6. jack

    happy Birthday Jack

    Thanks for all your best wishes chaps.You are correct,I have been missing for some while.Andrew had an unexpected offer/deal on the boat which he would have been crazy to have turned down.Boat purchased at good price and genuine offer to use it as if it were his own at any time. We have done so, twice since Oct,with our usual success. Andy has had a major work-load including week-ends so it's a mix of good and bad really,We hope to get back to "jinxing" our way about the seascape as soon as things start to move again.Meantime best wishes to all at the club..
  7. jack

    Happy Birthday - Charlie and Coddy

    Happy Birthday Chaps..I knew there was some special reason for celebrating May Day !!!!.jack
  8. jack

    A&E last night

    By the sound of all this,I think it's time we wore the wedding ring through our nose.!! After all,thats where our better halves think it belongs. jack
  9. jack

    Alderney Anchor Ring

    To keep our Alderney ring set-up at a distance from the boats nose,ready for recovery,Andy and I use an old 6" plastic pram wheel with one of its spokes removed.It has a rubber tyre which prevents any damage to the boat.;it is large enough that it won't pass through the ring.To use it you just fold your anchor line pass the point through the missing spoke hole in the wheel and pass the loop round the rim .it can be removed easily on recovery. Cost.. nothing..jack
  10. jack


    Alun.You have restored my self confidence.!!It sounds [Just for once ] that you managed an Andy and Jack day. Not to worry,you are still my Hero. ...jack
  11. jack

    A&E last night

    Sorry to hear about your finger Paul. Brought back horrible memories,of when I caught my Wedding ring on a protruding screw head on a lorry tailgate when I jumped down. { I havent worn it since] apparently a very common injury amongst working men..shudder shudder ....jack
  12. jack

    poole patch - the new carpark

    Andy and I arrived at the alleged car park at 10.am.[late start for us] There were 26 boats on site and we made it 27. I had the smallest tope ever,It was just mackerel size. andy had a super-size Garfish.we sat it out 'till 1oc.then moved over to Ballard down,where we spent a pleasant afternoon sun-bathing.Only L.S.Ds there. Day was ruined because our freshly fitted gas cylinder was empty.an investigation required there,as man the fisher cannot survive without supplies of tea !!.Back in for 4.35. to find that the fork lift at Cobbs had died,so double banking there.At least you can just leave the shore staff to it . Another nice day out...Jack
  13. jack

    In The Olden Days

    Never Forget....In 10 years time, Times today.. would have been the "Good Old Days " We are in them.So Enjoy !! jack
  14. jack

    Rag Worm

    Quote from Clive [ Codless } [ i have been using the same ones for two years. frozen of course. ] How do you get the fish to give them back ? jack
  15. jack

    Lady Christine arrives home

    Nice looking craft Dave.Looks like you have a good safe vessel.Lots of luck and success in using her..Jack