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    Tiddler goes to Wareham

    Tiddler goes to Wareham. Friday was another scorcher so we decided not to waste it. We launched at 2:30 ish and headed up the Wareham channel. With a 12 mph easterly and only a 13 foot boat I thought that going outside the harbour was probably not a good idea. ( I did point out that if we had a Barracuda it would be fine ) We headed towards Wareham at a leisurely pace. When we reached the river entrance we were plagued by biting, blood sucking flies. I looked on line and thought they looked like Blandford Flies but we've not come up in lumps so probably not ! We got to the quay, lowered the rod tubes and carried on up stream . . . . . Past everyone's favourite big house. We went all the way to the bypass before turning back. We stopped at the quay and Jacqui bought us an ice cream. When we left we were against the breeze so no problem with flies. After a while I nagged at Jacqui to take the helm ( she's done the level 2 ) but with it being so rare that we go out she loses her confidence. We went outside of the harbour and although it wasn't a problem for Tiddler it just makes it uncomfortable so we turned back. Jacqui was in charge until we were nearly back to the launching area and it got very busy. We had no rods with us so it was just a " Jolly " And very nice it was too.
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    48 Hr Competition

    Firstly: Thanks Martin for another fantastic day out on Madness. The weather Gods were smiling too. Flat calm and sunshine. Martin had the 2 Blondes very close together and in a strong tide he was " Cream crackered " They looked a lot bigger than mine on the way up but turned out to be a bit smaller.
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    The World Cup

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    Course adventure

    So, last few days I've been in the Wye valley. Staying at Symmonds Yat, I had taken a good friend away for his 40th. A surprise, all he new a week ago was he needed Barbel gear. Suffice to say, he was certain we were heading to the Seven. Until we turned left after crossing it near Gloucester. We had a B&B on the river, it was ok, nothing special but was a pub, so could be worse! First day was arriving and sussing out the surroundings, going to the local tackle shop and booking some beats for the next 2 days. We had a fish from 21:00 till 22:00 on the first night (Thursday) but not much more than my rod being pulled from the rest and the fish evading me! With the low water we were advised the fishing was hard, but this only dulled our excitement a little, after all, we had an adventure on our hands! After a relaxed start friday we headed to the mile of river we shared with another couple of guys for the day. Packing up to go for a pub lunch (we knew evening would be best) my rod doubled over with my PB 8:15 barbel, beauty! After lunch we moved swim, (not knowing the river / how it fished / where was best) we struggled through the hot afternoon. I had a couple more barble and lost a chub. Nothing for nick who was still staying positive. I persuaded him we should move swims for the last hour, so we went back to where will had my earlier fish. I nearly instantly had a perfect Chub or 4:12 and then another within minutes. Poor old Nick. The it was his turn, he had a super take and a barbel was shortly followed by another. Great, he had deserved a flourish at the end. Day 2 (Sat), we had chosen another stretch of river. Stunning setting again, this time the gorge of Symmonds Yat. But what does Saturday mean, more yakkers, swimmers, boaters, lilo ers, SUP-ers and the odd person floating past on an inflatable slice of pizza! All this traffic was entertaining and the only way we could get info on the football score!! Roles were reversed today. Having found a good looking spot, to be honest, it all looked good. We chose a run where it was a pain to get to, I had a rope and we lowered ourselves down holding it. Prominent seats setup in the river meant the various floaters could see ups early and avoid our lines. Worked a treat! Nick fluffs his first cast, how we laughed, it went only a couple of meters, bang, fish on! And it started like that, he caught 5 barble and I couldn't buy a bite. He had a few eels in there too (haha!). So, I went off and got dinner (steaks, disposal BBQ and some ice-cream beers, coffee, and other essentials), apparently I missed nothing, result. My time had come, I got back once the sun was off the water with 4 barble in quick succession! The it was his turn to struggle, yes I was loving it! We ended the 2 days with 9 barbel each, he did get the biggest at 9:8 but I was the chub king. Average stamp was 6/7lb seriously great fishing, can't imagine what it would be like in 'good' conditions! Might not be boating, so apologies! Tight lines Rob Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
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    Elton John lookalike !!

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    Course adventure

    Few more Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
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    Course adventure

    Pics Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
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    Mal Thomas

    Anchor and chain

    PBSBAC should write a booklet on the pros and cons of anchoring, this our most discussed subject, every year it comes up. Especially when you have just lost your trusty anchor. Perhaps we could have a refer to page on the site for FAQ and answers, it would make great reading as well as constructive information for our new members. Having had both types of anchors, I prefer the delta type on the ground I anchor on mostly. The key to most stuck anchor retrievals is to make sure you connect your chain to the base of the anchor and cable tie or trip the chain to come loose under strain to the shank eyelet. If you do not trip your anchor you chances of recovery will be reduced. Also when anchoring over rocky ground, lift your anchor at the slack tide, have a drift for twenty minutes the re anchor your mark, this reduces the chance of the chain becoming entangled a round the rocks which is the worst way to get stuck in.
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    Anchor and chain

    But that is not the main job of the chain Rob. The main job is to weight the shank of the anchor so the angle between the anchor and the boat is shallower therbye assisting the anchor to get a grip. The bigger the boat you have the more important this is. A Longer/heavier piece of chain also helps reduce snatch. The secondary job is to act as a counterbalance in the Alderney set up.
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    There is a special meeting of the RSAG group being held at the SIFCA offices to discuss this. This represents anglers and charter boats (and by virtue of the membership- tackle shops). Please bear in mind why the potential for restrictions is even being discussed. We have all witnessed a decline in stocks in our lifetimes, and notably and significantly in the past 10 years. These sites have been identified as being some of the last and best refuges and crucial sites (nesting sites, nurseries etc) of our favourite species. We all argue that restrictions are required, and for equity those restrictions must apply to everyone (we have argued for exactly that with regards to Bass, and dislike it when that isn’t the case). Like Charlie said earlier, we have moaned that there have been no restrictions on the existing MCZ’s. We moan about the beam trawlers. We moan about the nets. Like it or not, we are seen as contributing to the general decline of fish stocks, along with the trawlers, the nets, the microplastics, the ocean warming and acidification... and like it or not, as much as we practice C&R and all the good things, it is correct, we are an additional (small?) pressure on stocks. There’s no point putting in restrictions on sites that don’t have anything living on them, or at times when the species are somewhere else. We have to protect the sites where the fish live, when they are there, so that future generations will be able to see with their own eyes what a Bream/Bass/Wrasse/Ray/Dogfish looks like. Yes, proposing things like C&R on these sites are things that we can do. Realistically though, these type of ‘good behaviours’ are the things that responsible anglers (like us) already do, but the sites can’t be designated as ‘nice anglers only’. Equally those people that ignore good practices now, will ignore restrictions in the future, so any new regulations MUST be backed up be effective monitoring and enforcement, or they will be pointless. Again, frankly, the SIFCA have a lot of water to cover with very little resources to do so, and this is one reason for the lack of regs on the original MCZ’s. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Barracuda 9

    Good call (I think) good luck with the upgrades. If you need putting off ask for advice here
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    Latest Angling Trust News - Sea Angling

    Thursday, 21st June, 2018 Welcome to your June Sea Newsletter Battle for bass bag limit gains momentum Support our call for the reintroduction of a bag limit for bass for the remainder of 2018. In advance of the publication of the review into the 2018 ICES advice we are stepping up our call for anglers to be able to keep bass from July this year onwards. We anticipate the review will show recreational angling has a much smaller impact on the bass stock than the scientists suggested in 2017. Join the campaign for the reintroduction of a bag limit for bass in the remainder of 2018. Email the EU Commission & George Eustice European Anglers Alliance takes EU to court over bass ban The European Anglers Alliance, of which the Angling Trust is a member, is challenging the European Council over its decision to ban members of the public fishing recreationally from keeping any bass in 2018. EAA is arguing that the decision creates unjustified discrimination between European citizens as well as violating the principle of proportionality. Find out more Reporting tuna sightings and catches Help us understand more about UK bluefin tuna by reporting your sightings and catches. The Thunnus UK project is asking anglers to report old and new records of sightings and catches. This is an exciting way for Angling Trust members can contribute to the research being done into the presence and abundance of bluefin tuna in UK waters. Find out more about the Thunnus UK project Specimen Award Scheme relaunch The Angling Trust will be relaunching the popular Sea Specimen Award Scheme next year with two brand new Junior and catch & release categories. The relaunched scheme will also include monthly prizes for individual Angling Trust members. The new scheme will be launched in December but in the meantime don’t forget Angling Trust individual members and members of affiliated clubs can enter the 2018 scheme running now. Find out more about the Specimen Award Scheme Defra commissions research into ‘governance structures and legal instruments’ for sea fishing The Angling Trust is being consulted over a new piece of research commissioned by Defra looking at successful governance structures for recreational fishing from around the World such as the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The study is being carried out by the University of Strathclyde. A report is due to be published in November detailing the findings. Read David Mitchell's blog New European Parliament report on recreational fishing A new report, “State of Play of recreational fisheries in the EU” has been adopted by the European Parliament. The report requests the European Commission evaluates the role of recreational fisheries in the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) in order to ensure a fair and sustainable fisheries management. The European Anglers Alliance, which the Angling Trust is a member of, lobbied for a number of amendments to the final report. Read more here EU Commission proposes ‘tightening control’ on recreational fishing The EU Commission has proposed EU countries are required to introduce registration or licensing systems in order to help provide catch data from recreational fishing as part of the review of the Common Fishery Policy’s Control Regulation. The Angling Trust plans to lobby against the proposal. David Mitchell, Head of Marine, said: “We are confident that the UK government will oppose being forced to hand over more responsibility to the EU, particularly at a time when it is trying to negotiate withdrawal from the EU and developing a new UK sea fisheries bill.” Read more Government consults on 41 new MCZs This is an ambitious and comprehensive tranche which will substantially complete the government's contribution to the ecologically coherent network of Marine Protected Areas around our coasts. If all of these proposed MCZs are designated, around 40% of English inshore and offshore waters will be protected, and the total for the UK as a whole will be nearly 25%. This will provide vital protection for the diverse array of wildlife in our seas. The Angling Trust will be responding to any proposals which impact recreational angling. Check out the consultation here Consultation opens on Sussex netting and trawling The Sussex IFCA has now opened consultations with all stakeholders on the future management of nearshore netting and trawling in Sussex. All those anglers in Sussex who want an end to the setting of nets so close to the shore that it hinders your ability to fish and all those anglers who have seen the pair trawlers sweep everything away right up to the shingle beaches in front of you, this is your chance to voice your own opinions on the future management of our inshore fisheries. You can download the SxIFCA Informal Consultation summaries on nearshore netting and trawling where you will find their Proposed Management Options. Save our Sea Bass has made it really easy for you to respond, with a pre-written response. Great if you're short of time! View consultation papers  Click here to use the SOSB system Bait survey Help scientists to get a better understanding of sea angling bait collection by completing this University of Portsmouth survey. It will only take a few minutes of your time! Take part in the survey World Fishing Day Mersey Match We’ve organised a special match as part of World Fishing Day on 23rd June. Join World Fishing Day, Angling Trust and Wirral Sea Anglers for the draw at 05:30am at the Funnel & Anchor Car Park, L3 4EF. Fishing is 06:00 to 09:00am and there’s a £10 pool with prizes for the largest flat fish, largest round bodied fish and largest overall catch length. The match kicks off World Fishing Day’s UK action and a live camera team led by roving reporter Andy Ford (BT Sport, On The Bank) will be there in his against-the-clock challenge to visit as many events as possible around the country. Want to compete? Contact Danny Williams by email. Find out more The Angling Trust is the united national representative body for all angling in England and Wales. It is united in a collaborative relationship with Fish Legal, a separate membership association that uses the law to protect fish stocks and the rights of its members throughout the UK. Joint membership packages with Fish Legal are available for individuals, clubs, fisheries, riparian owners and other categories. Please find out more. WWW.ANGLINGTRUST.NET Angling Trust Limited is a company limited by guarantee, company number 05320350 Angling Trust & Fish Legal, Eastwood House, Rainbow Street, Leominster, HR6 8DQ Telephone: 01568 620447 UNSUBSCRIBE
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    48 Hr Competition

    The only fish worth reporting on Madness today were blonde rays Jim = 19lb 12oz I think, Jim will confirm Martin 16lb12 + 16lb both came up backward which made them bloomin hard work
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    48 hour comp crew

    Wicked ! I'm going out on Madness ! I'm going out on Madness ! I'm going out on Madness ! I'm going out on Madness ! I'm going out on Madness ! Way Heyyyyyyy !
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    Barracuda 9

    As you are aware we have the 805 as well. We have had it for 5 years now and when anyone outside the clubs asks me what type of boat I have, I liken it to a caravan on water. We are a family of three and I must admit we only just all enjoy the space. I am not sure how we would get on if we were a family of 4. However, as your kids get older and discover technology, they will be more in the cabin than out!! I can fish with 3 anglers out the back quite comfortably, or two anglers with 4 rods. We have also had special made cushions which fit the top deck (they cost £600.00 to have made) this gives us an extra 48 sq, feet of sun bathing space. However, that is fine if you are around the Islands not out in the bay which could be uncomfortable due to the pendulum effect!! We too have looked high and low for another vessel, but they do not exist unless you are willing to pay £90k plus. Charlie did the right thing by creating Alfresco. His boat fits all the family and fishing needs but you will need a big wallet and time to go down that route. The 805 is very economical on fuel and I use it a lot as a winter fishing boat as it has a great cabin to get out of the cold as well as the inboard heater. I think it also come down to the fact that you need to determine whether you actually need an out and out fishing boat or a family boat. And good luck with that one!!!!!!!!!
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    Wight Magic

    Black Bream project

    No as long as it was implemented as it was a commercial ban
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    MCZ consultation information

    Dear Stakeholder, As you may be aware, Defra has today published a consultation on the third tranche of Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs), in which 41 new sites and the addition of new features to 12 existing MCZs have been proposed. This is an ambitious and comprehensive tranche which will substantially complete our contribution to the ecologically coherent network of Marine Protected Areas around our coasts. If all of these proposed MCZs are designated, around 40% of English inshore and offshore waters will be protected, and the total for the UK as a whole will be nearly 25%. This will provide vital protection for the diverse array of wildlife in our seas. The consultation is now underway and you can give us your views here: https://consult.defra.gov.uk/marine/consultation-on-the-third-tranche-of-marine-conser/ Please respond by Friday 20th July for your views to be taken into account. We look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely, Marine Conservation Zone Team --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do check this out, especially the Purbeck, Southbourne Rough & Studland Bay sites! Respond if you want to. Dave
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    Mal Thomas

    Course adventure

    Yes it was calpac, the over hanging tree by the pill box was near the Aquarium swim, made famous by a mate of mine who knocked out many 30 to 40 chub a session with the odd barbel mixed in. I used to opt for the long walk to the end of the venue, praying I was the only one down their. Many large bags of good roach to casters. Great times, now full of Amercian cray fish eating the fish eggs and the otters causing lots of trouble. The Kennet is now in a bad way. See what you gone and done Rob making us oldies remember the good old days.
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    great white

    Barracuda 9

    As other say its always a compromise to get the best for your requirements, and believe me as family grow these do change. The main reason why I have built my last two boats the Duver 23 we had for 15 years and was a great fishing boat for the family. like a little charter boat lots of fishing room, but only one bunk, no toilet and two ring hob made it day trips only and more like camping. When we upgraded I was looking at Rodmans but they were bigger but lacking in some departments. The boys and I wanted plenty of room to fish and a bit more speed, Wendy on the other hand wanted a bit of comfort, a toilet and a proper galley. so we opted for the 30ft Offshore Pro charter, with long wheelhouse outside has 110 square feet of fishing space and the internal layout designed by me with a lot of discussion with my family Double bed in forward cabin, with bench seating Full standing toilet space with shower [shower used once in 10 years] Full size and gimbelled oven. Hot and cold running water to sink and shower crew seating and table. It took a long time to build her, but we consider it worth it, having now had her for over 10 years she still fits what we need. and has had only a few modifications. Breaksea boats do a very similar design. Charlie
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    Anchor and chain

    Mal, I bow to your superiority and apologise unreservedly. I have double checked my anchor and blow me if it’s not a 7.5kg Bruce !! [emoji849] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Mike Fox

    Anchor and chain

    The anchoring skills learned through the club are invaluable, and make a huge difference both to catch rates and safety. We anchored today between two tongues of rock in a small Bay to the west of the Ile D'Aix. The ground is generally smooth but with outcrops of rock. Rather than risk our main anchor for a lunch stop, the fishing anchor was deployed. Our 10kg Bruce clone is tiny for our 11 tons or so, but it will hold. Crucially, it's rigged to trip, and if snagged, it should come back. We know someone without this experience, and lost a 33kg Rocna anchor and chain, after a bad snag.
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    Saturday Trip

    Lazy toe rag!
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    Saturday Trip

    7.30 bridge........yea right,what about your normal breakfast????[emoji23][emoji41]
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    Secure Load

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    Junior training

    Sam age 13 Dom age 8 (If the price is right!) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk