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    i'm in!


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    i'm in!

    Photo test

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    Nice one Kev. And the right way up too.
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    Fish of the Month 2017

    January 22/01/2017 Mal Thomas Spurdog 19lb 8oz 163% Specimen 22/01/2017 Steve Scott Spurdog 19lb 0oz 158% Specimen 08/01/2017 Christine Boucher Spurdog 18lb 14oz 157% Specimen February 19/02/2017 Christine Boucher Spurdog 22lb 0oz 183% Specimen 19/02/2017 Will Summerell Spurdog 21lb 8oz 179% Specimen 19/02/2017 Charlie Chapman Spurdog 20lb 0oz 167% Specimen March 27/03/2017 David Lynes Ray - Undulate 12lb 0oz 86% Specimen 25/03/2017 Max B Plaice 2lb 8oz 56% Specimen 15/03/2017 Alun Jones Plaice 2lb 0oz 44% Specimen April 20/04/2017 Dave lynes Spurdog 19lb 12oz 165% Specimen 02/04/2017 Ian jones Spurdog 16lb 8oz 138% Specimen 09/04/2017 Greg Toms Garfish 1lb 10oz 130% Specimen May 19/05/2017 Thomas Smith Ray - Undulate 19lb 6oz 138% Specimen 24/05/2017 Jan Tryska Bass 11lb 12oz 124% Specimen 21/05/2017 Chris Witheford Ray - Undulate 15lb 8oz 111% Specimen June 21/06/2017 Jan Tryska Ray - Undulate 17lb 0oz 121% Specimen 17/06/2017 Jan Tryska Gurnard - Red 1lb 8oz 120% Specimen 13/06/2017 Allan Green Black Bream 4lb 0oz 114% Specimen July 02/07/2017 Wendy Chapman Ray - Undulate 16lb 9oz 118% Specimen 25/07/2017 Steve Loftus Ray - Undulate 15lb 9oz 111% Specimen 16/07/2017 Jan Tryska Ray - Undulate 15lb 8oz 111% Specimen August 21/08/2017 Colin Francis Mullet - Thick Lipped 5lb 5oz 125% Specimen 16/08/2017 Alun Jones Bass 11lb 3oz 118% Specimen 13/08/2017 Bob Cockayne Trigger Fish 3lb 1oz 102% Specimen September 16/09/2017 Jan Tryska Ray - Undulate 17lb 0oz 121% Specimen 16/09/2017 Stuie Cooper Ray - Undulate 16lb 4oz 116% Specimen 07/09/2017 Steve Scott Mullet - Thick Lipped 4lb 13oz 113% Specimen October 26/10/2017 David lynes Conger Eel 59lb 0oz 148% Specimen 01/10/2017 Colin Francis Mullet - Thick Lipped 5lb 12oz 135% Specimen 04/10/2017 Frank morris Garfish 1lb 8oz 120% Specimen November 19/11/2017 mick pike Spurdog 16lb 14oz 141% Specimen 19/11/2017 mick Pike Spurdog 15lb 8oz 129% Specimen 15/11/2017 David Lynes Spurdog 14lb 2oz 118% Specimen December 02/12/2017 David Lynes Bass 13lb 4oz 139% Specimen 03/12/2017 Jan Tryska Flounder 3lb 2oz 125% Specimen 28/12/2017 Allan Green Herring 1lb 4oz 125% Specimen
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    Webasto heater problem - Fan fault

    These in line blade fuses need regular inspection and removal of the fuses for checking for corrosion of the blades and sockets themseves. When my boat was on F pontoon I had to regularly replace them due to corrosion probably due to galvanic action as there was no way water or dampness could have entered the fuse holder. I always keep a few spares on board now. Hope it turns out to be something simple and cheap Steve Peteg
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    Webasto heater problem - Fan fault

    Ok Steve, hope you get it sorted, there maybe an in line blade fuse somewhere as that's how it was in my boat, in the engine bay and about 5 foot from the heater, it was not marked either ! Good Luck