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    Club Members at Cobbs.

    I believe the council were awarded some dosh by the government. They must use it within a time frame or loose it. They already knew these roads needed work but couldn't do the work without without funds and then when they got funds had no time to phase it to cause the least disruption. Sounds as though I'm singing their praises! No I'm not. Does seem a daft system though. I suppose we'll be able to watch the " fag rolling competition " as we drive through. Or the " shovel leaning " Or the " fag rolling whilst leaning on a shovel " Jim
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    Leicester Fisheagle

    Club Members at Cobbs.

    Nearly mentioned this at the time of posting, but did not want to appear too pessimistic. Allan.
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    Club Members at Cobbs.

    At least the old Town Bridge might be open again in 2018