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    Overhead safety harness rail

    Hi Luke My only thoughts are that if the boat capsized and you are still attached to the rail, if your tether is not sufficiently long enough you will be held under water! Clipping onto side rails and the same thing happens your clip may well be only a foot or two under water but you are on the surface. My concern would be that if the boat went down you could go with it, not nice As far as I am aware fast yachts use the safety line for when crew are moving about on deck, if you are on your own I would never venture forward or going down the sides unless it was really calm and there was a real need to. Most jobs can be carried out in the main deck area without the need to put yourself in danger. Just my thoughts Dave
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    Tony had double booked himself out so there is now a space for an additional crew member on Madness, interested? post here
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    Site upgrade and server move

    Hi Steve Not in any way annoying, all questions welcomed! It's a dedicated server through Fasthosts. On their site the model is DS761, running Linux CentOS. It also hosts two of our company websites and is a vital part of our business so backups are done every two days. This is an automatic process whereby the entire server (35GB) is uploaded via FTP to another server I have in the data cabinet in my offices. A minimum of 10 backups (20 days') is held at any one time if if something goes wrong today and the server backs up tonight, tonights backup (containing the fault) is not the only one I have and I can go back to two days ago, or two weeks ago if necessary. Being a dedicated server and a relatively (compared with usual shared hosting) expensive contract, there is premium tech support through Fasthosts if required. If the server fails it means the websites accounting for half of my company's turnover have also failed so I can assure you there's no rest until it's back up and running. My colleagues can restart it if necessary however there would be no such thing as a holiday where I wasn't on hand to be able to fix/assist with fixing that sort of problem! Hope that helps, Oli
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    great white

    Site upgrade and server move

    Well done Oli :D   When we lost the site for a while recently it became obvious how much we do use it to stay in touch with friends and keep an eye on recent fishing activities.   I am sure Brian also appreciates the cost savings too. :D