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    Happy with this

    In my hunt for stingrays I had a nice by catch on my huge rag baits. My mate weighed it on his electronic scales at 2,12 after taking off for his mesh bag. Also had a lot of fun on the smuts. Nice to get a fish on the board, although it'll get beaten by loads of undies this month[emoji23][emoji23] Returned to grow much bigger Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    Mid Channel Madness

    Dean and I decided we would go out on the boat fishing Sunday so arrangements for food and bait were made . Down the boat for a later start at 8:15. First stop was at Cobbs Quay fuel berth to fill Madness up after our Alderney foray then out into the harbour. We had a conversation about what we should do, breaming was on the agenda but seeing how flat the sea was along with the combination of small tides we plumped for mid channel wrecks. On our previous trip over to Alderney we lost all our pink look alike eels which had seemed to be the colour preferred by the fish, a quick call into Poole Sea Angling got us something similar then off we went this side of mid channel to see what we could find. The trip out saw a flattish sea which gave us a comfortable cruise speed at 20+ knots. Got to our first wreck which had fished on previous occasions but unfortunately not today with just a couple of hard won fish appearing. After giving it a good length of time the decision was made to move to the next closest wreck which was about 1.5 miles further west from the first mark. This small wreck fished slightly better but was not blistering sport with just the odd cod. Off we go again another 5 miles west to a reasonable sized wreck. This move was well justified with Pollock to 15lb and a splattering of small 5-8lb cod. Coming home was interesting with visibility down to 50 metres at one point, the fog was really quite thick and a total change from the morning. At one point Dean said look up I can see the sun to which I replied unfortunately we were not going that way and still couldn’t see more than 70/80 metres ahead, really strange. Close inshore (within a mile of land) the fog cleared to hazy sunshine. The point of making an issue of the fog is that if we did not have radar we would have been travelling at about 6 or 7 knots and bricking ourselves but with all the navigational aids on Madness including radar we were able to not only keep up a reasonable cruising speed of about 15 knots comfortably but we were able to see boats on the screens that were around us . Had we not had radar we would have came straight over the wrecks off Swanage where several boats had divers down. We could see these 6 miles ahead so could take a slightly different course giving them a wide berth and not spoiling there (or our) day. I know that most of the club boats that go offshore are very experienced skippers and have all the kit and more. If less experienced members want to take their boats well offshore please take the time to talk to those that have been there and done that. Your learning curve will be greatly reduced
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    Raymond Ellerton

    What a great Day

    Yes guys today i got my first fish. Only aa small doggy but it was a fish . And then on the way back in i stopped in the Harbor and got my second fish . Not sure but think it was a Black Sea Bream. Just off brownsea There is a man made stone wall There. So i wounder what tomorrow will bring . Tight Lines
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    Plaice Chase

    Lofty's in this months Saltwater Boat Angling mag.
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    Wishin Too for sale

    Osprey 24 Expedition for sale Yamaha 421 sti 370 hours Brand new Hydradrive single new prop and a spare Lowrance 10 &7 HDS gen2 Side/downscan 20 rodholders Twinscrew bowthruster 2 dsc icom vhf Great stereo with 2 of 4 speakers on deck Deck wash Bathing platform,transome door Etc etc This boat has wanted for nothing Had engine out last year for check over and paint and new gimbal bearing plus full service inc injectors overhauled etc,etc Over 500 litre fuel tank so massive range @ approx 1.5 litre a mile Also will inc 2 spare overhauled hydradrives Please message for more info Moored Poole Dorset £33.5k Poss deal 4 PBSBAC member Poss p ex smaller boat but work commitments forces sale only used once in 5 months
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    68 Undersized Bass

    I can understand making a mistake for a few under sized bass, but 68? Who the hell are they fishing for? The whole Indian community?
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    Friday pm

    https://loftykayakangler.wordpress.com/2018/05/26/a-sting-in-the-tail/ Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    Mikey B

    Boat Talk

    Hi All, I've been running a standard alloy prop on Henry B from new. WOT at 5000 rpm gave a top speed of about 15 knotts with the 12/14" x 9" alloy prop the boat came fitted with. Two crew and all the associated fishing paraphernalia. Changed to the prop to a Stainless Steel 10 x 5/8" x 11" and the difference is amazing. The stainless prop has a more progressive pitch. The alloy prop is much flatter in appearance. I now have a top speed of 19 knotts with a WOT of 5000 rpm with the same load. Also uses a lot less fuel which was a pleasant surprise. The motor does not sound as though its at bursting point as it did with the alloy prop. It always seemed as though I was driving around in 3rd Gear and the prop change has proved it. Mikey B
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    Happy Birthday Jerry

    Thanks guys, went and bought another rod today!!!! If you cannot be a tackle tart on your birthday when can you!! 😀😀
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    https://loftykayakangler.wordpress.com/2018/05/20/swanage-2018/ Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    Pleased it all went well Steve. I didn't get a lot of dangling time but here's my catch. I had to chase a few boats & jet skis down and was very happy with Tiddler's speed. A couple got through wile I was practicing with my GPS or taking a leak but I stopped most of them. The Misty stuff seemed to come & go as the day went on. Jim
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    Birthday greetings Sam

    thanks all, had a nice day finished off with a meal with family. spoilt as usual and a great day
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    On Channel 6 from around 9 a.m. Give us a call if you need us. Allan.
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    Happy birthday Trevor

    The big six oh - have a memorable day.
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    Happy birthday Trevor

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    Happy birthday Trevor

    Thank you Stuie Started really well!! Three experience days which are fantastic, lunch at the Pebble Beach bit later and treated myself to a motor Whoop whoop!
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    Happy Birthday Jerry

    Have a great birthday Jerry, are you out chasing the birds, fishing or chasing boat builders
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    Plaice Chase

    Nice one and well done Lofty
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    New member Vince Vee Gee

    Just picked this up,. I've got the time booked for that trip hooky...just hope the weather holds. I'd be pleased to share my inexperience with Vince if he like to come along.
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    Keep going Hooky as Gaffa says your luck must be due a change soon
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    Take my hat off to you mate Hell of a lot of work and financial commitment. To get a reliable running engine Hope that it works out well in the end.
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    Mike Fox

    Happy with this

    Nice gilthead, must be pushing the club record!
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    Mid Channel Madness

    Great report Martin and sounds like you caught up with a few😀 any response re pm?😜
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    Hi Hooky, Brass will expand quickly with heat. Aluminium will expand more & quicker. In my old motorbike days . . . . Chucking stuff in the oven ( when wifey's not looking ) can loosen things quite well. You need big thick welders gloves. The gloves are thick . . . . not the welder Rob ! Always worth a go. Jim