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    It was noted Mal that both of you forgot to share the fuel bill. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
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    After inviting myself to join Kev and Dave we got to the secret mark at 7.45. We waited until 8 to give ourselves a straight 7 hours fishing. Kingfisher arrived about 7.55 and moored next to us, biting wind cut us in half for the first 3-4hrs. Second cast resulted in a plump Flounder about 2lbs, result, one more than we all thought we would catch!!! After around 3 hours we had 4 Flounders on the boat, great session though freezing. Capt Kev, chef patron knocked up a feast as pictured. Fishing on,the sun came out and a fish were still coming on board, Dave having the biggest at 2lbs11oz. Struggling to fish with the snoring coming from Kingfisher, chef patron knocked up a steak sandwich swilled down with a nice bottle of Burgandy. I think we used 2lbs of worms, a lot of food, loads of tea and coffee, and a bottle of red, oh yes and caught 7 Flounders, from around 1lbs8oz to 2lbs11oz. I think we all thought we would be lucky to see a fish let alone have a respectable session. Great day Kev and Dave thanks for having me along and all the instruction🀣🀣 Other pictures show Dave like a coiled spring, Kingfisher in the sun, Kev in action. Great shame only around 15 club members were fishing out of about 200 I think. I was advised joining the club that joining in is the way to learn and get involved, today being case in point. Brilliant fun thank you PBSBAC πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
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    One for the bird watchers!!

    Under new EC and Shadow Government guidelines, all Aves are to be gender neutral (can't say birds as this has non-pc links to 1970s description of young female humans) . The young Aves are able to identify with their preferred gender if they so wish. No pressure should be placed on Aves to conform to stereotypes associated with their birth gender, therefore, terms such as Cock of the roost and old mother (ageist) Hen, should no longer be used. Hope that this helps and educates some of the non-pc amongst us.
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    Morning all. I know that a number of you took part in the flounder competition yesterday morning run from Salterns. Thanks for your support and a good amount was raised which is greatly appreciated. Somewhat ironically at 0900 the lifeboat launched to a fishing boat in the harbour entrance with engine failure - not sure whether this boat was taking part in the competition but it seemed somewhat appropriate/ironic! All was fine and the vessel was towed to Fishermans Dock. Also thanks to Salterns for hosting and Poole Dolphins SAC for hosting/arranging. If there is ever a group of you that would like to visit the Station and get a tour of the new Boathouse you'd be most welcome. If you email Ali O'Neill that co-ordinates these visits then she and her team would be delighted to sort a time/date. Email visitrnlipoole@yahoo.com Thanks again Paul Glatzel Lifeboat Operations Manager Poole Lifeboat Station
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    Bob Horne Memorial Flounder Competition

    Thanks to the members that supported the RNLI open. We had a great turn out with 41 fishing shame the fish were few and far between. 7 fish were weighed in. Bobi took the top spot with 2lb 15oz and the Β£200 first prize 2nd Bob Cockayne 2lb 8oz Β£75 3rd Bob Rudick 2lb 7oz lift out and jet wash 4th Tom Smith 2lb 5oz Β£50 5th Phil Dawson 2lb 4oz Sonik 15-20lb rod 6th Brian Reed 2lb Β£30 tackle voucher 7th Dave Lynes 1lb 12oz Β£30 tackle voucher Bob Cockayne managed to put the other Bob and Tom on the fish and managed 6 fish over 2lb between them. Well done to all and a big thank you to everyone for supporting this the first RNLI open flounder comp.
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    Best catch of the day so far
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    And the results are: 1st - Bobi Francis, Flounder 2lb 15oz 2nd - Dave Evans, Flounder 2lb 11oz 3rd - Bob Cocaine, Flounder 2lb 8oz 11 flounders in total weighed Well done Bobi
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    Thanks to Chris for taking on such a long journey, the tide planning and weather checks necessary are very demandingπŸ˜‚. The chilli was superb and very welcome on a chilly day, lots of tea and good company. 4 fish on Kingfisher, 1 weighed in for me 2lb 7oz. 2 fish to Nigel. A well attended weigh in at Cobbs and generally a good vibe. More flounders caught than I expected but still lots of time with no bites.
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    What the h-LL is going on steak sandwich and bottle of red + fish ? All I got was 2 coffees and a cup a soup + one fish which I was forced to catch myself πŸŽ£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ all Allan did was drown worms. Only joking Al,atlest we gave it a go, please note weight loss since fishing on Fishegeale πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ well-done Kevin and crew.
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    One for the bird watchers!!

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    Was that for the heater Chris??
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    Big thanks to Kev for taking me to the secret flounder mark and thanks to Jerry for letting me catch a flounder Great day out plenty to eat and drink 😁 Cheers Dave
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    alun j.


    A brief 'Heads up' to those members using Christchurch........ The sandbar at the entrance has grown a lot recently.......and the yellow buoys could lead you into a shallow trap ! If leaving.....as you get near the last yellow, turn towards the shore and head towards the beach huts along Avon Beach, then a big wide arc to swing out. This would be about double the length to last yellow. Any significant swell and I'd not venture out. Alun.
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    Could smell it , nearly jumped ship πŸ˜‚ need to have a word with Allan cuppa soup just not cutting it πŸ€”πŸ˜‚
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    Some good fish holding banks in that area that would be lost, it would also have an effect on areas uptide of the hole. We may need to give a Club response against this.
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    Alderney 2019

    I donated a lot of money to the World Health Organisation in order to find a cure for Man Flu Chris. You not being able to quaff ale in Alderney (potential Eurovision song title perhaps) was a major setback to the social side of the trip, lets hope that we all stay healthy and the weather behaves.
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    One for the bird watchers!!

    I emailed this to a friend and he replied contently, however, his return email to my company had the picture in it. And yes my wife opened it and strangely did a great impression of the four female Swallows!! Happy days!!
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    great white

    One for the bird watchers!!

    Just put that up on the notice board in my office. Must say that the four ladies seem to have taken it well.
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    Alderney 2019

    I will be going on Alfresco, weather allowing, on 11/12 May with Charlie. Would anyone like me to contact Lidl in order to pre-book some of their excellent Special Reserve Port, don't want to miss out!
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    Baiter Slip

    Then there are no charges either 😎
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    Great White shark encounter

    I could hear it singing . . . . . . Whale .. . meat again . . .don't know where don't know when . . . . .
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    Been saving up for fuel then Kev? It's a long way to the secret flounder mark.
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    Bob Horne Memorial Flounder Competition

    Might as well give up now boys, Kev's entered !!!!!!!
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    I note in the summary of the 'good practice' guidelines mention is made that the dredging makes a contribution to the UK's balance of payments. I suspect this means that we sell the dredged material to other countries - as is oftern seen with coasters loading sand and gravel on Poole Quay. IMHO it's not good enough to dredge our sea-bed to sell the result abroad, bearing in mind the impact the dredging has on our fishing waters. It's only a couple of years ago that the waters west of the Isle if Wight were clouded up for a considertable distance with dumped spoil from Southampton area dredging - and the adverse effect this had on fishing at that time.