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    Worth whiting for...

    Forcast was light winds for the day = it would have been rude not to take advantage - so it was a leisurely 9am start with friend Ken aboard. The plan was to look for whiting and we motored to a likely looking area well off Ballard. After a brief unproductive drift we dropped the hook and bites began straight away- dogs and a small conger followed by some jumbo pout. Then whiting began to put in an appearance - we managed several dozen with a few kept - they were mainly of a good ,stamp' best being 2lb 9oz. Back at Cobbs shortly after three for a celebratory Doombar. A very successful winter session.
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    Lifejacket check

    Whilst in the garage at the weekend I inflated mine. Still solid 2 days later, a check worth doing plus inspecting the cylinder for corrosion, ensure it is tight etc. I checked my safety knife was still sharp and the light was functional (damp towel across contacts). Easy and essential! Why not do yours!?!?! R
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    Met up with Martin & Dean just before 8 at Cobb's. Caught the 8:30 bridge and headed out to check the sea state. A lumpy sea made the decision for us: Don't go too far out ! ! We are all just getting over our Christmas colds and the lumpy sea made me feel quite "iffy" First mark produced: Conger, Doggies, Pout & Whiting all of which were small. Martin hooked something quite playful but it got off before we clapped eyes on it. We moved to another mark ( a top secret one ) Martin & Dean thought it could be quite good for the Bream later in the year but today it produced some quite big Congers followed by Doggies, Pout, Whiting. It went quiet there and we moved to a mark we fished last time out which had produced some whiting. Well we found where all the babies were hiding ! ! ! We enjoyed listening on the radio to Foxy Fisher & Marichelle playing Hide & Seek and discussing distances & lengths. They did sound as though they were catching fish though. A big thank you to Martin & Dean for taking me out & thanks to Dean for my bacon & black pudding lunch & coffees. Jim
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    flounder fishing in the harbour

    I have fished the harbour since the fifties.In those days there were far less anglers fishing the harbour and you could catch the flounders all year except when they went out to sea to breed,You could catch them everywhere.An example was the blue lagoon at lilliput. From the entrance to the lagoon on the ebb tide you did not stop catching them until the ebb stopped.It has to be accepted that over the years with more and more taking up angling that the flounders have been fished out.Up until about three years ago you could catch a few flounders in Holes Bay,including some around the four pound mark but no more.They have got less and less over the last few years.I have good information that for the last couple of years pot baiters have hammered Holes Bay.Look out for a grey Poole canoe with two old timers in it.Not registered.They are the boys doing it. If it was not for the plaice and gilt head bream the harbour would not be worth fishing now. As we know trawlers are devastating the bay between Bournemouth and Boscombe Piers.There won't be much left there soon.The plaice will not reach the harbour. To sum up, the harbour is now overfished and in a minute there will be no fish left. It will take years to recover if it ever does. Just out of interest years ago you only caught flounders in the pound to pound and a half range.As the years went by you started to get bigger fish.In those days a four pounder was unheard of. Getting the odd bigger fish is not doubt because there were not so.many flounders and therefore more food for the odd flounders which were left.My opinion.
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    Dutch electric pulse fishing

    An industry progressing towards extinction. Most businesses, if they want to sell more and expand, make more of the product they are selling. The fishing industry is continually making itself more efficient to catch more fish but does nothing to sustain it's product. When will they realise that this cannot continue indefinitely. I don't think any of us have noticed an occasion when fish was in short supply in our supermarkets so, where are the extra fish going? Probably the excess is sold off for things like fish meal, etc. Fish are too valuable an asset to be squandered this way.
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    Kayak Fishing Safety

    One of the greatest things about kayaking is that it can be remarkably safe and user-friendly activity. But it's important to understand that when things do go wrong the fact that you are on the water means that situations can become very serious, very fast. This is why it's so important that you understand the risks and hazards involved with kayak fishing and that you assume a safety conscious attitude when making decisions on the water. PFDS Always wear a personal flotation device (pfd)on the water. Kayak fishing is typically very safe, but as with all water sports, it’s your responsibility to yourself and your loved ones to always wear a personal flotation device (PFD). With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to find the best kayak fishing PFD. Bournemouth Canoes or South Coast Canoes can advise, but also see what other kayak fishermen are using. A few pockets are advisable. Not for fishing tackle but for safety equipment. I currently wear a Fladen PFD with 4 pockets. I carry a DSC radio. A PLB. A waterproof phone with buttons. A whistle. A strobe light. I will cover these items later in my article. PFDs are available to suit a wide variety of sizes, budgets and performance options in an assortment of materials, buoyancies, and weights. 5O Newtons will be enough flotation, but the larger kayak fisherman may look for a PFD of 70N. DRYSUITS Always dress for the conditions. Cold water represents the biggest hazard because immersion in cold water can quickly lead to hypothermia. When it’s cold out and the water temperature starts dropping, dressing for immersion might mean the difference between surviving a swim and succumbing to cold shock, cold incapacitation and eventually hypothermia. At a base level, kayak fishermen should dress to survive a dunking of any length and still function in the kayak afterward. This means dressing in a drysuit when the water gets cold. Base layer: A synthetic or wool layer that moves sweat away from the skin and keeps the body dry. Think long underwear. Mid layer: A warm garment that doesn’t retain water, such as fleece. Vary the thickness or number of garments based on conditions. Outer layer: A layer designed to keep wind and water away from the other layers. A drysuit is an outer layer. Drysuits will come with either integrated socks or ankle cuffs. I reccomend integrated socks and a good boot, 2 sizes larger than your usual shoe size to account for the drysuit and a thermal sock underneath inside the suit. For boots I prefer Palm Kolas or Seac dive boots. I tend to wear my drysuit nearly all year, with the exception of June July and August. Good makes to look out for are Typhoon, Gul, Crewsaver, but visit your local kayak supplier to try on various suits. Bournemouth Canoes or South Coast Canoes have many you can try.Be prepared to spend £300-£600. A good drysuit will help to save your life.A bad one will help to end it. Ive known people with leaking drysuits fill with water, stopping them from re-entering after a capsize. Every season just walk into the surf after a fishing session and check to see if the drysuit leaks and the material still has its waterproof integrity. You may need to have the cuffs, boots, and neck seals replaced from time to time. Two local repairers of drysuits are Andark in Southampton and Predator in New Milton. VHF RADIOS There is a lot of information to follow, but dont be put off. This bit of kit could save your life. Do not go cheap when buying one. Expect to pay between £150- £300. There are two types available, conventional handhelds, which are just a radio, and DSC handhelds, which have the ability to transmit your GPS co-ordinates and automate the process of sending emergency calls. DSC is relatively new in this country, and as the sets are more complicated they tend to be more expensive, but in an emergency they could well repay the extra investment. Confusingly, two licenses are required to use a VHF, one for the actual unit itself, and one for you as the user. Starting with you, you'll have to attend a training course (another good way to meet new kayak anglers) and complete a short, mainly multiple choice, exam. The PBSBAC safety officer will find and book you on to a club discounted course to earn your Marine Radio Short Range Certificate, often abbreviated to just SRC. The other part of the licensing procedure is carried out by Ofcom – and it’s free. There are two sorts of licences available. As the owner of a handheld radio, the one you’ll need is a Ship Portable Radio Licence which is specific to your portable radio. It’s worth noting that, unlike for the Fixed Radio Licence, you’ll be allocated a T-number to identify your handheld radio rather than a call sign, although if you have a DSC enabled handheld you'll also be given an MMSI number. In practice, a lot of kayakers will actually just give their kayak a name and use this as a call sign; it’s unusual to hear people referring to their T-numbers over the radio. When talking to the coastguard over the radio, it’s worth telling them that you are in a kayak. Identifying yourself as ‘kayak Slice of Life’ will instantly tell the coastguard important information about your vessel. The main thing to remember is that if you are genuinely in trouble, the coastguard will be more interested in getting help to you than telling you off for not knowing your T-number. Don’t be afraid to use your radio. When you’ve finished your course it pays to practise by talking to friends, requesting radio checks when you go out and generally getting used to using the radio. If you ever do need to make an emergency call, things will go smoother if you’re comfortable with your particular set. The main thing to look for when buying a radio is how waterproof it is. Your radio will be drenched with seawater on a regular basis, so the more waterproof and corrosion resistant the better. An IP rating is used to measure how waterproof a radio is.An IP rating of x7 is probably the smallest you should consider (unless you are prepared to carry your radio around in a sealed bag or dry sack) as this will give the radio protection for 30 minutes immersion to a depth of 1m. It is worth noting that a radio with a decent IP rating isn’t going to last forever. It’s really important to get rid of any seawater on the unit when you get home, and make sure that the battery contacts are dry before you put it on charge. Most portable radios have around 5 Watts of power although some 6 Watt models are available. Power is not the most limiting factor in estimating the range of your handheld, however; instead, the height of the antennae above the horizon determines how far away your signal will be received. VHF radio waves travel in straight lines, and don’t tend to bend or bounce off the ionosphere. The real problem with radio communication from a kayak is that your antenna is unlikely to be more than a metre above the sea and the radio horizon of a handheld on a kayak will be around 2 miles. For two kayaks to talk to each other, they must therefore be less than a couple of miles apart for the radio horizons to overlap and allow communication. Although this might seem a little disappointing, remember that the coastguard has a very high aerial (and loads more power). Since the range of coastguard radio is around 30 miles or more, you should be able to at least hear the coastguard almost anywhere you are likely to end up fishing. Two reccomended makes of VHF radios for kayak fishing are Standard Horizon and Icom. Available from local chandlers. PERSONAL LOCATOR BEACON (PLB) Obviously this is only useful if you carry it with you. I have a dedicated pocket on my PFD for my PLB. It is attached with a cord so I dont drop it when in the water. A PLB can send a distress message to the Coastguard from anywhere in the world, providing there is a clear view of the sky. The Coastguard will launch the appropriate rescue service to your GPS position. Things to consider; • Manually activated only. • Must be registered. • Should always be on your person. • Not all PLBs inherently float. • Unit needs to be held out of water for it to transmit. • Transmits for 24 hours plus. They range in price but start at around £180. I carry the Mcmurdo Fast find. Available from chandlers. Mobile Phones Its no use if you cant reach it. Everyone these days has a mobile phone. Most of them are touchscreen smartphones. Smart phones can provide a location, but emergency calls should be made by voice (call 999 or 112 and ask for the Coastguard). Text messages and map locations are often no use to the Coastguard. Ive personally found that although I keep mine in a waterproof pouch, when fingers are cold and wet it is nearly impossible to use. I now carry two. My smartphone I keep in a waterproof pouch around my neck and I use this for photos and general communication. I also have in a pocket a waterproof brick, with long battery life, and most importantly buttons to press for 999. These phones are great and can be bought for as little as £50 plus a pay as you go sim. Whistle One of the most important (but often overlooked!) pieces of safety equipment is a loud, hard-wearing and reliable whistle. When you're out on the sea, it is vital that you are able to communicate quickly with your fellow kayak fishermen and passing pleasure craft. The international whistle code is as follows: One blast: Where are you? Two blasts: Come to me. Three blasts: I Need Help! Each blast should last 3 seconds Sound travels a long way on the water. If you are seperated from your kayak, drifting in the tide, you may be very difficult to locate . If theres someone nearby they may not see you, but a whistle could really help them notice and locate you. Cheap. Simple. Essential. Lights and flags These accessories make you and your kayak more visible on the water during the day when a gin palace may not be paying the greatest attention, and in low light or dark conditions. A flag pole with a flourescent flag can be seen for miles. A flag/light combo pole is recommended for paddling at dawn/dusk, at night or when paddling in high traffic areas to ensure you are more visible to other water users. A small white strobe light that clips to your PFD can be attached, preferably high up on the shoulder, that can be twisted on in an emergency ,may help the emergency services find you quicker. It is also worth attaching some reflective or Solas tape to your kayak. It is very effective in a search for you when a helicopter is using a search beam. KNOWING YOUR ENVIRONMENT Experience doesn’t come overnight! Being a member of PBSBAC gives you access to members who have a vast knowledge of our local area. They know peculiarities of the tides.How weather can affect certain areas and fishing. All club members will happily help club kayak fishermen build their knowledge. It is a club proud to be associated with kayak fishing. If new to kayak fishing, try to paddle with at least one other person if possible (paddle buddy) at all times and if you do venture out alone call the coast guard and friends/relatives and give them your plans. Don’t launch when conditions dictate that you would be at risk i.e. a building sea or thick fog. Study the forecast in the run up to a trip out looking for a settled period. It takes a while to build up a picture of how the weather affects the area that you plan on paddling. Talking to any local kayak anglers or boat users is a good way of gleaning knowledge about local tide runs and known dangers. Find out the tidal flow for your area, it not only helps fishing but will give you a direction that you will be drifting in depending on the state of the tide and wind/weather conditions. Your own judgement and common sense are the most important thing to remember and consider when taking your kayak out on the sea. If it looks “dodgy” then it probably is, DO NOT go out! Choose an appropriate paddling location for your skill level. Lake pier launch in Hamworthy is an ideal kayaking environment,with protection from wind and waves, a good access point for launching and landing, lots of places to go ashore and minimal motorized boat traffic. A major kayak fishing safety tip is to practice re-entering your kayak from the water before you ever need to do it for real. One thing that I can tell you is that re-entering a sit-on-top kayak is a lot easier than re-entering a sit-inside kayak because it won't swamp. I hope I've covered some essentials above. As PBSBAC kayak representative Im always happy to answer your questions to the best of my ability, and the clubs safety officer will be happy to organise training. Stay safe and tight lines Lofty
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    Club Members at Cobbs.

    I believe the council were awarded some dosh by the government. They must use it within a time frame or loose it. They already knew these roads needed work but couldn't do the work without without funds and then when they got funds had no time to phase it to cause the least disruption. Sounds as though I'm singing their praises! No I'm not. Does seem a daft system though. I suppose we'll be able to watch the " fag rolling competition " as we drive through. Or the " shovel leaning " Or the " fag rolling whilst leaning on a shovel " Jim
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    Season's Greetings

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    Be Careful

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    For sale 2007 Mercury 4hp 4 stroke SOLD

    Martin, Ask his wife for the truth!!!! [emoji23] R
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    Mal Thomas

    LIFE JACKETS requred

    A crutch strap is very important, make sure your choice has them.
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    Jim I was fully dressed all the time
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    Pick any day without a y in it
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    Hi Kippercave thanks for the reply i have tried via the PHA to track you down to thank you for the 50 ragworm you gave me about 2/3 weeks ago when i was floundering in my dinghy sorry but they didnt work????? i have never had it as bad as this winter i have fished again today and once again not a bite i have decided to give it 2 more trips then it back to the Needles.My best flounder last year(2017) was 3lbs-5ozs and you are right i have had 1 fish over the 4llbs mark (4-7) what i cant get my head around is the total lack of fish.I will keep in touch with everyone
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    LIFE JACKETS requred

    Hate to say it but is your life worth a second hand life jacket? Too many are sold that are faulty at boot shows etc. Anything over 10years old you should really think about replacing anyway. I have seen too many that have not been looked after or checked regularly and suffer accordingly Perhaps its time we had a lifejacket clinic at a club meeting, I am sure Mike & I can arrange to do it.
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    LGS Marine

    LIFE JACKETS requred

    We can offer the Lalizas Alpha Auto to members for £45 inc vat - http://liftinggearsafety.co.uk/product/lalizas-alpha-170n-ce-iso-inflatable-automatic-lifejacket/ In stock in Fareham - carriage £7.50 inc vat. If interested let me know on 01329 550986 or stephen.merchant@lgsgroup.co.uk.
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    Site upgrade and server move

    Thanks - both done. Most pages now have the Top 5 Boats on the right hand side of the page. This is only visible to Club Members who are logged in.
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    Kingfisher 126

    Alderney 2018

    I had battery issues on the last trip and rang Mainbrace on the way in, they got the batteries to the quayside, took the old ones away and even had the card machine with them to save me having to go to the shop. Price was good too. Now that's what you call a great service and going the extra mile, forgot to say it was after hours too. 👍👍 Only problem was it meant we had more time in the bar!! Small sacrifice. 🍺🍺
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    Site upgrade and server move

    Now the Species Hunt is underway I've made a couple of slight adjustments: 1. On the Leaderboard page at the bottom I've added the 10 most recent entries across all boats. 2. There is now a page where you can view the last 50 entries across all boats. This can be found under the Species Hunt > Recently Added menu. Feedback on whether we need both or whether I just make the Leaderboard page have 50, 100, 25 etc would be appreciated. To give it more prominence I was also considering a Top 5 of the leaderboard at the top of the site homepage. This would only be visible to Club Members so while for us it would shift the "Welcome" / "Join the Club" section down a bit, we're all already members so it doesn't matter and for non-members the site would still appear exactly as-is. Main reason for doing so is that because the Species Hunt is no longer done by forum posts, it doesn't appear when you click View New Content Again Feedback much appreciated! Oli
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    Steve S

    Alderney 2018

    Ok up to 4 boats already, all old hands, in some cases very old... Any of the newer/newish members fancy taking their boats over there??, it's quite an experience,. Personally I love going, we normally do a 3 or 4 day trip, either wrecking on the way there and back or just for half a day on the way back, rest on the time fishing the huge banks, but also other choices of targets as well depending on what we think is being caught. If you're not sure if your boat is up to it, or big enough then just ask the members opinions, some will give sensible answers... Going with some buddy boats takes a lot of stress out of it and reduces the learning curve.
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    You know what they say about the sun shining on the rich Jim............must of been shining on Graham !!!
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    When you were 2 miles out Martin checked on his plotter. We were 5 miles out and we couldn't see you with the overcast conditions. The sun lit you both up for a while and we could easily see you in the distance. Glad you got a few fish.
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    Found em in the end Jim................glad we gave you a laugh !
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    Kingfisher 126


    Kingfisher going for a trip out to see what we can find, thanks for update Dave sounds like there's a need to push on out if the weather is kind.
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    Wight Magic

    Alderney 2018

    I'm just a mis understood person
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    Good luck guys hope you have a great day. And Jim, try to keep your line to yourself !! [emoji51] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Last person seen before sinking was the ex-safety office, well I never!!!!
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    Mike Fox, I win So is that a virtual pint to me
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    It's called selective evolution
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    Well, until someone does half a job and has to call for rescue or worse! R
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    Looks like a Pilot International 590.
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    The new craft looks reasonably tidy. The only help I can give is that the new owner of the Wilson Flier moulds is a chap named Gary who lives Southampton way and posts on the WSF site. He seems a very helpful guy so may give advice on your particular model. Whatever you do with it good luck & may all your problems be minor ones. If you ever need a day on the water feel free to come out with us it may just give you a pick me (as in you) up
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    Hooky i also have a Navman fish 4430 fishfinder never been used needs transducer yours if you want it
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    So as I can work out, original Hobbit a total right off new Hobbit is a wreck or at least needs lots of work? if so good luck with the new project and I hope it's not long before you're out there giving us your catch reports
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    Hi hooky i have some rods and reels you are welcome too it may help and all the best with everything graham
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    Thread not moved and can be found Here Would you like them merged ?
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    i'm in!

    Happy Birthday Kev

    Cheers chaps tad windy for fishing 🎣 so went for plenty of 🍻 plus a great steak👍👍🎂🎂
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    i'm in!


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    i'm in!

    Photo test

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    Yes but I always end up being the flounder
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    There's always the Flounder Comp. Graham !!
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    Saltwater Boat Angling

    I see we're on page 7 of the February issue.
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    Mike Fox

    Reason to wear a lifejacket

    Horrifying.... https://www.express.co.uk/travel/articles/906397/Viral-video-watch-fishermen-Oregon-boat-crash-save-life Mike
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    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Good luck! As you suspect, so do I, that this isn't a flyer. The flyer moulds have an extra chine or 2 (2 on the 20) that makes them distinctive. Good luck with the build. First thing I'd do if go weigh it and see what weight it is at, give you a clearer idea if it's full of water. Plus cut some hatches in to the deck to look for water. Engine wise, how about a pair of 40's or perhaps bigger? I'd have thought you'd want 100+ hp from single and more if twins. Enjoy!
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    Blimey I was only mucking about with pictures and stuff So the long and short of it is that I saw a picture on a Facebook group. Its the pictured above , It just spiked my interest , NO , I'm not looking for a project , then again it looked OK, she had been fully sorted , new transom, new everything. All done from a professional builder , Gummidge has one (endeavour 3) his is also a 20ft job, she's a big old girl , very stable platform , nice cabin for a occasional night on the water , yep I quite like them but not as much as as Suntrip ( The Hobbit) I did a very stupid thing , when insuring Hobbit I gave its value without much thought, after all , its hardly going to sink in the short time it's on the water , only really insuring it for the liability on the mooring My stupidity reared up again when I put on a Yamaha 40 ( it actually did two trips out before sinking ) ( the old 60 was taken off ) it only took a couple of hours , shame I didn't tell the insurance company about the rise in value , shame I also put on a new VHF, new Sonarphone etc . Shame I also put all my rods, reels , lures , life jackets in the cabin ready for a trip out . If you are sensible you make sure your craft is insured to its true value, So here's the beginning of this story , the insurance ( correctly) paid up for what I had told them the value was . More than sick What now ? Give up ? Dunno , No chance on throwing one penny more than what I got paid out , I'm not a idiot ( ?) but realised it was stupid to try again , I had become totally disheartened. Sod the fishing , boats cost far more than I justify, only went out six times last year AND the weather was crap , Oh the other ugly nasty thing that shall remained kept very quiet ( I'm not a attention or sympathy seeker ) also affected every decision. About time to liven things up on here , it's very quite , so time to get out there in the cold with a few hammers and a stick of mastic . Massive thanks for all the gear etc , I going to set myself a target of 6 months to make sure I get of my ass and do this . -~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Page 1 ; I've just bought a 20ft dory / flyer thing ) looks ok , it's a bit of a project , let's see what happens
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    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Not yours sunk i hope?
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    Bob Horne Memorial Flounder comp

    Are there flounders in Cobbs? Bar and café handy.
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    Happy Birthday Kev

    Happy Birthday Kev
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    Fish of the Month 2017

    January 22/01/2017 Mal Thomas Spurdog 19lb 8oz 163% Specimen 22/01/2017 Steve Scott Spurdog 19lb 0oz 158% Specimen 08/01/2017 Christine Boucher Spurdog 18lb 14oz 157% Specimen February 19/02/2017 Christine Boucher Spurdog 22lb 0oz 183% Specimen 19/02/2017 Will Summerell Spurdog 21lb 8oz 179% Specimen 19/02/2017 Charlie Chapman Spurdog 20lb 0oz 167% Specimen March 27/03/2017 David Lynes Ray - Undulate 12lb 0oz 86% Specimen 25/03/2017 Max B Plaice 2lb 8oz 56% Specimen 15/03/2017 Alun Jones Plaice 2lb 0oz 44% Specimen April 20/04/2017 Dave lynes Spurdog 19lb 12oz 165% Specimen 02/04/2017 Ian jones Spurdog 16lb 8oz 138% Specimen 09/04/2017 Greg Toms Garfish 1lb 10oz 130% Specimen May 19/05/2017 Thomas Smith Ray - Undulate 19lb 6oz 138% Specimen 24/05/2017 Jan Tryska Bass 11lb 12oz 124% Specimen 21/05/2017 Chris Witheford Ray - Undulate 15lb 8oz 111% Specimen June 21/06/2017 Jan Tryska Ray - Undulate 17lb 0oz 121% Specimen 17/06/2017 Jan Tryska Gurnard - Red 1lb 8oz 120% Specimen 13/06/2017 Allan Green Black Bream 4lb 0oz 114% Specimen July 02/07/2017 Wendy Chapman Ray - Undulate 16lb 9oz 118% Specimen 25/07/2017 Steve Loftus Ray - Undulate 15lb 9oz 111% Specimen 16/07/2017 Jan Tryska Ray - Undulate 15lb 8oz 111% Specimen August 21/08/2017 Colin Francis Mullet - Thick Lipped 5lb 5oz 125% Specimen 16/08/2017 Alun Jones Bass 11lb 3oz 118% Specimen 13/08/2017 Bob Cockayne Trigger Fish 3lb 1oz 102% Specimen September 16/09/2017 Jan Tryska Ray - Undulate 17lb 0oz 121% Specimen 16/09/2017 Stuie Cooper Ray - Undulate 16lb 4oz 116% Specimen 07/09/2017 Steve Scott Mullet - Thick Lipped 4lb 13oz 113% Specimen October 26/10/2017 David lynes Conger Eel 59lb 0oz 148% Specimen 01/10/2017 Colin Francis Mullet - Thick Lipped 5lb 12oz 135% Specimen 04/10/2017 Frank morris Garfish 1lb 8oz 120% Specimen November 19/11/2017 mick pike Spurdog 16lb 14oz 141% Specimen 19/11/2017 mick Pike Spurdog 15lb 8oz 129% Specimen 15/11/2017 David Lynes Spurdog 14lb 2oz 118% Specimen December 02/12/2017 David Lynes Bass 13lb 4oz 139% Specimen 03/12/2017 Jan Tryska Flounder 3lb 2oz 125% Specimen 28/12/2017 Allan Green Herring 1lb 4oz 125% Specimen