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Grey Gurnard


These are not big fish, rarely exceeding 40cm in length; a fish of 1.5lb (0.6kg) is a very good specimen.

The grey gurnard can live for more than 15 years, but they reach maturity at two years (for males) or three years (for females). Grey gurnard spawn from late spring through the summer months.

The grey gurnard is usually found on muddy or sandy areas, though some of our

larger specimens come off the rock and mussel bed grounds.


Depths very, though grey gurnards can be found from depths of 20 to 100m.

Surviving on a variety of marine life, the grey gurnard is often taken by

anglers on small scratch rigs baited with mackerel strips.

2 up 1 down, or 3 up scratch rigs with size 2 to 4 hooks work well, with

yellow or red attractor beads.

You are most likely to catch grey gurnard when fishing over a sandy bottom.

Worm baits are ideal, but small strips of fish and crab baits will also bring results. These are bottom feeders, but a spinner or flounder spoon worked slowly along the bottom will also tempt them.

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