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Poole Bridges height displays Faulty

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Went out from Cobbs Quay Marina today and twin sails display was reading fine from Holes Bay side but had missing indicator lights in the display facing  the Old Bridge side.

Conversely the Old Bridge display on the twin sails side was totally dead but the display on the Town Quay side was fine.


I generally allow a minus 0.3m offset between the Twin sails and old bridge so I was able to calculate expected air draft was ok under the old bridge but not knowing that offset  would cause a need to contact the bridge operator for an accurate reading and plenty of circling around between bridges.


It works the opposite way from the old bridge but If you can get under that one you are guaranteed to get under the twin sails (provided you don't spend all the time circling around and missing the tide)


I may be wrong but I think these faulty displays were mentioned in a previous post some time ago If so why haven't they been fixed.......its not rocket science.....😣

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I always look for the thick strings at water level if I can see them near the surface or just below I can get under


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