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Raymond Ellerton

Hardy 24 Ft Cabbin Boat

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Hi Guys .I finally got my Boat  Its a 24 foot Hardy cruiser With a new 40HP out board only done 1 hour .Its at Torquay mariner i plan to drive there in the morning and sail the Boat back. Not sure how long it will take .To get to Cobbs  Anyone one want to come for a day sailing LOL Any tips would be welcome

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Ray, have you looked at the weather forecast for tomorrow mate ?? It’s not very nice and a 71 mile journey in a 24ft boat with only 40 horses on the back will ...
A. Take a hell of a long time.
B. Take a hell of a lot of fuel.

Please make sure you have double and triple checked all your facts and figures in regards to the engine, an outboard with only 1 hour time served is not run in yet.
When I bought my boat with a new engine I was advised not to go past 3000 rpm for the first 10 hours ! Then service it.
If you go ahead just make sure the coast guards know your route, planned sailing schedule etc etc etc etc !!! Have a fixed vhf AND a hand held just in case.
Good luck.

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Hi Ray

I have to agree with Neil


That sounds like a very small engine for such a large boat, and not even run in yet.


My last one was 23 ft and had a 60HP inboard diesel on a shaft, we cruised at about 12 knots


If you are Happy with your capability and the boats then please be sure that you have done your research. and the fuel is full on departure


IE leave Torquay on the Flood tide to get a push across Lyme Bay, arrive at Portland at slack tide to avoid the famous overfalls at the Portland race area.


Plan a couple of bolt holes in case the weather gets bad [West Bay, Portland, Weymouth], and if necessary turn back to Torquay before getting into difficulty. 


Sorry to be so negative, but the sea has to be given respect. The forcast is bad this weekend and I seriously doubt many of us will be going afloat.

If you go be very careful




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Thanks Guys i have already canceled the trip will wait for better mets Was looking at Tuesday leaving Torquay very early to try and pass Portland before the tide turns.The other Plan is to Borrow a Trailer .And haul it back .Has anyone got A big en ugh trailer i could borrow For a day???

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My boat is 13 feet with a 50 HP engine.

A couple of years ago with Me & Jacqui & 2 Grandchildren at the back ( aged 15 & 13 ) I could not get on the plane until I asked them to move forward.

In my limited experience 40 HP for a 24 foot boat would be fine for canals & the Norfolk Broads but NOT the sea on that kind of journey.

Paying for transport will be expensive but far cheaper than paying with your life!

And as for fuel . . . . . . . . . if you're not planing on cruising speed ( which you have no chance of doing ) it'll cost a fortune.

You'll be lucky to get 6 or 8mph.

You won't get on the plane and if you try you'll be wasting fuel trying to lift the boat onto the plane with no success.

Please listen to our more experienced members.

As I said . . . . My opinion.



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