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Portland again

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Headed to portland again today, was here 3 weeks ago. What a difference in weather!!


The sailing academy is a great slip, pleasure to use and good to hear the sailing lot moaning a about the lack of wind!!!


Target was a Porgie and any edible by catch was a bonus.


We didn't really know where to go, etc so tried a few spots but way too much tide, so joined the commerial boys and 1 charter on the race!!!


Haven't fished it for years and last time was on channel cheiftan, a beast of a cat!


Well, it was rough, especially as JoJo like to drift in reverse, stern QTR to the breakers. A couple of times we were picked up and placed behind our lines!


Anyway, my crew managed 2 bass, result! Target acquired, I had an eye in the breakers, which is a good excuse!!


Amazing sea with a medium tide, near zero wind or swell! Seriously powerful and not to me taken lightly.


We spotted the rest of the charter fleet hiding out the tide, joined them and had some bream whilst the shark rods did, not a lot! The fleet left (for what I believe is another bream mark) but we stayed with Mary Anne Jo (or something) as we could see they were sharking too. Nothing for with of us.


A few bream, a load of mackerel, gurnard and big flubber (poutwhiting) in the box so we had a nice flat calm long drift for a turbo. Having had 6 on the boat 3 weeks ago, hopes were high, but alas we failed.


But a cracker of a day was had and zooming here and there at 20knts was a pleasure.


Slightly weep of fuel on a carb needs to be looked at, but outside of that JoJo was once again superb.




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TBH, it was so quiet out, launching etc and my crew was local to launch so it made sense. plus the change of a turbo (and the bream) is always a draw!


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