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Mikey B

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Hi All,


I have recently had an issue with my Yamaha F30 Power trim and tilt system.

When I left  the motor in the raised position over a period of time the motor would very slowly return to the down position.

I could trim the motor out ok but slowly it would return to the lowest trim position on its own.


On inspection I found no trace of water in the oil (which is great news) so I suspected a failed O ring or a faulty valve assembly.


It turned out to be as I suspected one of the seals had failed in one of the shuttle valves.


With the motor in the fully raised position and locked place with the trailer lock pin I removed the shuttle valve see picture No 1

a small amount of hydraulic fluid leaked out when the assembly was removed.

The shuttle valve consists of two parts.

The valve assembly and the shuttle piston see picture No 2

When I dismantled the valve assembly it was easy to see which seal had failed.

This tiny O ring (on the end small brass part next to the spring in the photo) is not available as a single item from Yamaha so I had to buy the complete valve assembly.



Straightforward replacement of both components and a top up of the hydraulic fluid.

Be sure to keep the new component spotlessly clean.


Fully Raised and Lowered the motor several time checked the oil level and hey presto no more trim issues.

Motor stayed in the fully raised position over night and had not moved an inch.


Parts from BHG Marine cost £108inc P+P

Hydraulic Oil (Dextron II ) £10 from Halfords.

Hollow ground wide screwdriver bit set £15 from Machine Mart.


This is a relatively easy DIY fix and will save a huge bill at the main dealers.

I was quoted £210.00 just to have a look at the pump with additional parts and labour extra? 



Mikey B





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