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Thursday, 21st June, 2018


Welcome to your June Sea Newsletter



Battle for bass bag limit gains momentum


Support our call for the reintroduction of a bag limit for bass for the remainder of 2018. In advance of the publication of the review into the 2018 ICES advice we are stepping up our call for anglers to be able to keep bass from July this year onwards. We anticipate the review will show recreational angling has a much smaller impact on the bass stock than the scientists suggested in 2017. Join the campaign for the reintroduction of a bag limit for bass in the remainder of 2018.


Email the EU Commission & George Eustice


European Anglers Alliance takes EU to court over bass ban


The European Anglers Alliance, of which the Angling Trust is a member, is challenging the European Council over its decision to ban members of the public fishing recreationally from keeping any bass in 2018.  EAA is arguing that the decision creates unjustified discrimination between European citizens as well as violating the principle of proportionality.


Reporting tuna sightings and catches


Help us understand more about UK bluefin tuna by reporting your sightings and catches. The Thunnus UK project is asking anglers to report old and new records of sightings and catches. This is an exciting way for Angling Trust members can contribute to the research being done into the presence and abundance of bluefin tuna in UK waters.


Find out more about the Thunnus UK project


Specimen Award Scheme relaunch





The Angling Trust will be relaunching the popular Sea Specimen Award Scheme next year with two brand new Junior and catch & release categories. The relaunched scheme will also include monthly prizes for individual Angling Trust members.




The new scheme will be launched in December but in the meantime don’t forget Angling Trust individual members and members of affiliated clubs can enter the 2018 scheme running now.

Find out more about the Specimen Award Scheme


Defra commissions research into ‘governance structures and legal instruments’ for sea fishing




The Angling Trust is being consulted over a new piece of research commissioned by Defra looking at successful governance structures for recreational fishing from around the World such as the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The study is being carried out by the University of Strathclyde. A report is due to be published in November detailing the findings. 

Read David Mitchell's blog

New European Parliament report on recreational fishing


A new report, “State of Play of recreational fisheries in the EU” has been adopted by the European Parliament. The report requests the European Commission evaluates the role of recreational fisheries in the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) in order to ensure a fair and sustainable fisheries management. The European Anglers Alliance, which the Angling Trust is a member of, lobbied for a number of amendments to the final report.

Read more here


EU Commission proposes ‘tightening control’ on recreational fishing


The EU Commission has proposed EU countries are required to introduce registration or licensing systems in order to help provide catch data from recreational fishing as part of the review of the Common Fishery Policy’s Control Regulation. The Angling Trust plans to lobby against the proposal. David Mitchell, Head of Marine, said: “We are confident that the UK government will oppose being forced to hand over more responsibility to the EU, particularly at a time when it is trying to negotiate withdrawal from the EU and developing a new UK sea fisheries bill.”


Read more


Government consults on 41 new MCZs


This is an ambitious and comprehensive tranche which will substantially complete the government's contribution to the ecologically coherent network of Marine Protected Areas around our coasts. If all of these proposed MCZs are designated, around 40% of English inshore and offshore waters will be protected, and the total for the UK as a whole will be nearly 25%. This will provide vital protection for the diverse array of wildlife in our seas.


The Angling Trust will be responding to any proposals which impact recreational angling.

Check out the consultation here


Consultation opens on Sussex netting and trawling



The Sussex IFCA has now opened consultations with all stakeholders on the future management of nearshore netting and trawling in Sussex. All those anglers in Sussex who want an end to the setting of nets so close to the shore that it hinders your ability to fish and all those anglers who have seen the pair trawlers sweep everything away right up to the shingle beaches in front of you, this is your chance to voice your own opinions on the future management of our inshore fisheries.


You can download the SxIFCA Informal Consultation summaries on nearshore netting and trawling where you will find their Proposed Management Options.


Save our Sea Bass has made it really easy for you to respond, with a pre-written response. Great if you're short of time!




Bait survey


Help scientists to get a better understanding of sea angling bait collection by completing this University of Portsmouth survey. It will only take a few minutes of your time!

Take part in the survey


World Fishing Day Mersey Match


We’ve organised a special match as part of World Fishing Day on 23rd June. Join World Fishing Day, Angling Trust and Wirral Sea Anglers for the draw at 05:30am at the Funnel & Anchor Car Park, L3 4EF. Fishing is 06:00 to 09:00am and there’s a £10 pool with prizes for the largest flat fish, largest round bodied fish and largest overall catch length. The match kicks off World Fishing Day’s UK action and a live camera team led by roving reporter Andy Ford (BT Sport, On The Bank) will be there in his against-the-clock challenge to visit as many events as possible around the country. Want to compete? Contact Danny Williams by email


Find out more

The Angling Trust is the united national representative body for all angling in England and Wales. It is united in a collaborative relationship with Fish Legal, a separate membership association that uses the law to protect fish stocks and the rights of its members throughout the UK. Joint membership packages with Fish Legal are available for individuals, clubs, fisheries, riparian owners and other categories. Please find out more.

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Angling Trust Limited is a company limited by guarantee, company number 05320350

Angling Trust & Fish Legal, Eastwood House, Rainbow Street, Leominster, HR6 8DQ

Telephone: 01568 620447



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