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Martin Hurst ( HOW )

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Craig one of our How coaches has spent the last two years coaching abroad (Hong Kong , Indonesia) , but being home in Wales for the week before going out to Norway offered to run a paddle workshop . Richard and Stephen jumped at the opportunity , spending the morning with Craig and trustee Martin , even having time before breaking for lunch to practice self and assisted rescues . 
Lunch concluded both the lads wanted to have a little fish , and despite suffering from historical back pain , were soon out on the water casting and trolling lures . Martin soon , aided by local knowledge , was amongst the jacks but it was Stephen who let out a scream of surprise when having hooked up the pike went airborne. Another brilliant fish , and a first from the kayak on Only Stephens  second outing . . When asked when they wanted to meet up again the answer of “tomorrow “ wasn’t totally unexpected 😁






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