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Flatfish Competition

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Well done Adam, being relatively new to Poole I find it it really worrying the lack of Plaice this year, from reports anyway. 

Is it something that happens every few years? If it isn’t I think we all need to seriously think how to get the sad statistics to someone who might try and help our cause?? I know they are happy some seem to off come back to the mussel beds off Weymouth so maybe hopefully a seasonal cycle??

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Thanks guys! Been a while since I won a comp... come to think of it..... been a while since I fished one!


With JV still awaiting repair a very generous offer of a guest spot on Tigerfish came at just the right time. I’ve not enjoyed a days fishing so much for ages. Super comfy, super fast boat and great weather and I bagged a few turbot! For once I felt rested and relaxed upon getting back in. Thanks Steve.


Fishing was tough but light leads and really concerntrating on bait presentation helped 4 flatties onboard... the biggest a real last minute.com literally the last rod I wound in! 



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