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Out this afternoon

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I will be finishing work at 1.30 today and I'm planning a little trip out for the afternoon/evening, Looks like a nice tide for a bit of drifting around we will be scratching around the piers and rocks on ch6.



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Not much around between the piers Friday, Managed a couple of Pin whiting is all.

Tried a few of the rock marks but tough going as there is Net or Pot markers from Poole rocks to Bournemouth pier rows and rows of them. So keep an eye out on a big tide some where not very well marked as always!

Moved into the entrance and as it was quite took a few drifts along the bank and then past the castle. Some very nice Ballan wrasse  where taken on each drift a couple over 5lbs, which on light gear is good fun.


We had a few worms left to drown Saturday morning as the boat was still in it would be rude not to! Decided to try the whych channel as we have had a few nice plaice from there in the past, And I saw a few fish where landed on the plaice chase a few weeks ago. 

No plaice but we did manage a few nice size Bass which  would have been good eating size a couple of them, but they where returned :(






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