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Poole Bridge

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Just been to Asda in Poole.

Twin sails closed for maintenance.

Why the flipping heck are the lights at the Blandford road end working as normal.

They're stopping traffic when there's NOBODY there !

Of all the things that can be done in the modern age . . . . . . . .why can't they be switched to using the detectors so that on the off chance someone did want to access the businesses they could but the extra traffic on the Blandford road could proceed.

I had a small queue going towards Poole but the poor devils coming back were queuing back from Riggler road all the way to Towngate bridge. ( At 6:45pm )

If anyone knows someone on the council to forward this to then please do ! ! !


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Complete and utter effing chaos


last night lights at turning to twin sails stuck on red. Had to go through red to MVS meeting.


Tonight 40 mins from Holes Bay roundabout to Upton turning.


What did we do wrong to be punished so much for living here


If these are counsellors making plans we can vote the bxxxxxxs out next time.


If it is not the town bridge or the numpty bridge it is the bloody Upton bypass.


Of course no sense of frustration here



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it's a family show

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They have got to spend the excess money before the end of March


I think it is about time councils were run as a business and if they have saved some money by the end of the year it can be rolled over to fund something extra in the following year.

I am sure that most counsellors would not have a clue about income and expenditure otherwise how come most departments overspend their budget?

If I overspend my budget my business would have gone bust

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They spent months last year strengthening the Bypass bridges.

They're now doing it again.

Did they only do ½ a job last time ?

Did someone accidentally send the works order out again ?

Good to know that our dosh is being used so wisely and that all of the struggling to get home after work is for a good reason ! :huh:

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Just think of the environmental issues with all the traffic at a standstill, perhaps someone will sue the council in raising the pollution levels in Poole & Bournemouth

They say buy an electric car but where to charge it locally and I expect they will charge you to park it let alone pay for the electricity to recharge.

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