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With Photoucket having disrupted the whole concept of sharing pictures onto forums I thought I'd try to find an alternative which works.


Try this if you use Google Chrome. I've just followed these instruction and all the photobucket "upgrade" invisible image placeholders have gone back to images again, other than where folks have deleted their PB accounts!

Open Chrome
Click on the rows of small horizontal lines located in the top right hand corner or the white on orange up arrow top right if you have a later version of Chrome
Then click on "more tools"
Then on "Extensions"
Then "Get more extensions" if you already have some, e.g. Ad Block.
Type in "Photobucket embed fix" and hit the return key
A link to "Photobucket embed fix" extension should appear. Click on it and you are done.


Hope this helps some people



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I don't use Photobucket.
Thanks anyway Dave.
Also deleted my Face Ache    &    Linked in !
A lot less crap coming through now ! !
" Grumpy old B**ger " :smileys-fish-465204:

Jim, this is so that you can see photos that others have posted on the forum using photobucket, for example on old posts that you might want/need to refer back to.
Lofty used photobucket a lot in his posts for instance, but if you look at one of the old posts, particularly via a web browser, you won’t be able to see the photos because Photobucke5 have c*cked around with how they let others see photos that they host. Dave’s instructions give a fix for that issue.
Hope that helps you grumpy old b**ger.

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

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Thanks Charlie.;)

Yes all this cloud storage starts off free and when they think you've swallowed the hook they start charging you.


Dave:  Thanks for putting in the effort.:)

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