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My car gets a lot of Seagull poo on it at work and I frequently nip into Upton Car wash.

( I think he's trained the Gulls )

It's been over a month since it's last wash so I nipped in for a clean.

I was telling the Boss man I was going home to clean my boat.

He said " bring it up here "

So I did.

I arrived brandishing some T Cut & some Auto Glym.

Here's some " before " photos . . . . . 





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Here's the " After " pictures.
I was NOT looking forward to that job !
Well worth the dosh he charged me !
I know I'm lazy but when you get to my age you deserve a little laziness every so often ! !

Nice Jim, those Albanians did a good job. Bet it was cheap compared to getting a marine cleaner to do it !!

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