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Bike rack

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Hi guys and gals


This is nothing to do with boats or fishing so turn away now if you wish.

For those that may still be with me, do any of you have a VW T5 with a rear tail gate spoiler ?? If you do, do you have a bike rack fitted to it ?? If you do, which one do you use.?

I’m finding it a bit hard to find one that will fit my VW (I need the Mrs to cycle of her Christmas pudding (oh yeah and mine)).

Then why do I need a bike rack if I’m going cycling I hear you all ask .................(shhhh)!!

Well my son is only 6 so I need to transport him and the 3 bikes we intend to punish ourselves on!!

Any help gratefully received! ‍♂️




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Do you have a towball on the back ?  There are several bike carriers that drop onto a ball...mine works well [on the back of a Golf]  and carries two bikes.


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