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Slow day, Great Club

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Watching the weather and trying to work in a days fishing at this time of year is always tough.
Today looked hopeful for a week now and everything came good, all except Mal was enjoying himself in the sun celebrating the fact he had caught all the Cod!!!!!
Left Cobbs at 6*45 and crept under the bridge with 2-7m clearance scraping the aerials, with such a good forecast and pretty big tides we stayed our end of the bay, after a couple of hours Kingfisher appeared and anchored close by. At this point we had only had, not a strap but a bootlace!! a Tope and a pollack around 8lbs. Everything was slow. I called Kingfisher who, as usual was struggling to keep up with bites and fish!!!
He kindly suggested to move and join him, after a slight struggle to retrieve the anchor we discovered the stainless good quality D shackle joining the anchor warp to the chain had completely twisted and broken.
This basically meant an end to our day, after much struggling with mulgrips and adjustables, I called Kingfisher to see if he had a hacksaw, at this point Charlie on Alfresco heard our problems and called to check we were ok.
We collected the hacksaw from Chris in a sloppy sea and strong tide and proceeded to first cut the galvanised chain and then the stainless shackle ( I am sure I owe you a new blade Chris)
after replacing the d shackle we found it would not pass through the windlass so some muscle was required for the last 10 meters when retrieving the anchor.
We returned the hacksaw and made a pigs ear in the strong tide and breeze of coming along side but no damage done.
We tried two or three more marks to no avail and came in around 3-15.

A really big thankyou to Chris for having a proper tool kit, mine is being sorted out and replenished.
Thankyou Charlie for keeping your ears on.

Slow day but still fun, and big thankyou to above club members.

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No problem Jerry that's what why we are in the club glad to help.

Myself and Blake had a good run on the first mark with a new species, conger roo's instead of eels!! Blake couldn't remember their name. ;)
Had them to 30lb plus which made him jump when he looked over the side and saw them.
Lost something big that straightened a hook.
Moved into Swanage bay out of the tide with a run of rays of four species and doggies of course.
On the way in a quick try on a new mark but lack of tide only produced doggies so anchor up at 3pm and a chat to Jerry and Jerry 2 on the way in.

A bonus day that Blake handled well considering the cold, he will be coming to Norway by the time he's ten! ;)

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Great day to be out


Very happy to be on stand by, but with Chris out there helping you were in very good hands.


Very impressed to see Blake out with dad at the end of a frosty week. Sounds like they found the fish too, well done them.


I fished a spot that has served us well , but to be honest it was a slow day.

We had a few nice whiting to 2lb 6, far too many dogs and a single tiny conger.


the big rods and large baits did nothing


tried to call you later on but no response. Glad to hear that you were OK

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