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Cod Competition - Sunday 19th

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Well done Mal for winning the club cod Comp with a 15lb Cod


Well done Stuie for winning the Poole Sea Angling Centre Cod Comp


A big thank you to Andy Robins for organising the Cod comp - a total of 57 Anglers took part - mostly our club members!


The Charter Boats mostly seem unable or unwilling to compete against us - we are just too good!!!


All anglers that attended the weigh in / presentation with food supplied received a £25 tackle voucher. Again, thanks to Andy


Thanks to all that took part - shame no one told the cod we were there!

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Thanks Dave for the trip, we certainly had plenty of exercise with the congers up to estimated 50lb, only 4 dogfish I think, so that was a bonus !


Was only saying to Dave last week I had never caught a spurdog, and surprise, surprise 2 came along so was well chuffed !


A few whiting were caught  but not big enough to weigh in, seems like we should of gone back for the weigh in Dave!! :D


Well done to Stuie and Kev for scooping the prizes.

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The weather made it a cracking day out even though the cod where thin on the ground, We had a good run of whiting noting over 2lb but big enough to be picky and return the smaller ones, until the tide turned and it went dead. But a small strap conger and a nice smooth hound made it a great day out for us, And the bonus prize from the weigh end from Andy!


Well done winners!

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