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short trip

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Gave Marichelle a run out today to charge her batteries, cruising at 16 knots in the main ship channel 

when the boat had a drastic loss of speed.........and a loud sucking noise ( behave boys !!!!)


Turned the motor of immediately, lucky no big ships coming or going !


Engine is a VOLVO D3 160 and the problem was the rubber hose about 4 inches long connecting the aftercooler to the metal pipe that goes to the turbo had come off !! Managed to get it back on and limped back to Cobbs.


The jubilee clips still have the green volvo paint on and it has never been taken off by me or my mechanic, but they were really loose on inspection , as were the ones at the turbo ! Tightened all 4 up and all appears to be ok now, turbo working etc.


So if you have one of these engines or similar I would advise you to check how tight the jubilee clips on the hoses are !!!




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Glad you got back ok and that it was an easy fix.


I had this happen once on a brand new (8 months old) VW TD 4 van. Large bang then no more than 20 mph, a hose had blown off the turbo due to under engineered clips, not jubilee's  

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Wow!  All too common. Had this on a new LR Defender in 08. Turbo pipe blew off when I gave it some welly up a hill. Not a nice feeling and shakes your confidence.Went round and tightened everything to be sure.  Friday car!

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