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Ray Competition Results

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Thank you to all that managed to get out at the weekend and fish the competition


Results as follows:


1st place    Jan Tryska      Undulate Ray  17lb 0oz     121% Specimen

2nd Place   Stuie Cooper  Undulate Ray  16lb 4 oz    116% Specimen

3rd Place    Dave Lynes    Undulate Ray  15lb 0oz     107% Specimen



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Thanks Neal


Well done Jan, Stuie and Dave some good rays


I sent some pictures of ours  undulates to Billy, he confirms non of ours have been identified before, from the 450 he now has on his system.


Neal any chance of a full list of results please

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I personally believe the specimen weight for Blondes and undulates are out of balance when using the specimen fish calculator for Dorset and Devon, compared with what we are catching.

Neil will know better than I, but I bet we had a number of 100% undulates and over. Yet a nice sized blonde ray was caught on the day in the twenty pound range which did not even make the 23lb 100% specimen weight . In my opinion that fish should have one on size and what is becoming a rarity.

Just athought, I think we have had very few 23lb specimen Blondes caught this year, or years before, btw I will be happy if Iam wrong, I think specimen undulates are quite regular.

May be just for our comps we should adjust the figures on our history of fish caught.

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