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Swanage plan.

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Looking to head around the corner to Swanage tomorrow. I've yet to go past Old Harry yet having stuck to Poole Bay thus far.


The plan


Try for some fresh macs first.

Fish the middle of swanage bay on the drop offs for Rays during the ebb and then Ballard for Bream on the Flood.

I would love a smut but I'm not sure that going to happen as I'm not taking crab.


Any advice or pointers for the area? (sorry had intended to come to the meeting last night before life got in the way).

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Didn't have the best of days.....


Swanage bay was lovely and the cliffs made for a nice fishing location but as soon as I rounded the corner from Old Harry I got a negative feeling. I pottered up and down the bay a little but couldn't find any clear features just gentle sloped depth changes. In hindsight I think I needed to go closer to the beach for some more pronounced undulations?? Or closer to the Pier end of the bay.


Anchored just off Ballard in the end for the last couple of hours of the ebb. Fish baits lasted seconds when they hit the bottom due to what we later discovered were crabs. There must have been an army of them down there. Managed to winkle out a few Bream before deciding a move was in order. I fancied trying the nearby spoil grounds but unfortunately the windless anchor decided to break. Typically I was wedged in to the rocks below and it took 2 of us all we had to pull the bugger out.


Ended the last couple of hours drifting past old Harry towards Poole bay on the flood and missed a take on a large fillet of mackerel. , summed up the day really.

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Was your anchor set to trip?



Sorry I should have been clearer. The windless machine broke. Speaking to a guy at Saltwater solutions who has the part I required to fix it.


The anchor is tripoed and I dragged it up manually with a little elbow grease.

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