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2017 WSF Portland Boat Meet 20th - 27th May

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Just a quick note to let you guys know that we are holding the meet at Portland again, you are of course all welcome as usual.


If interested please put your names on the list, it will be booked direct with the marina for any boats coming over for all or part of the week.


Here is a link to the relevant topic on the WSF forum.


Look forward to seeing some of you at the event!!!  :) :)






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Are any other club members planning on going to part or all of this meet 20th - 27th May?



Weather permitting I would like to go the first weekend probably leaving on the Friday returning home either Sunday or Monday

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Only just over 3 weeks until this trip.


Dean and I are booked in so subject to weather will be going, anyone else?


Our plan is to travel up early Friday maybe doing the wrecks en-route.  Fish well off shore on Saturday then do the banks Sunday before returning pm.  The plan is fairly fluid and will of course be dictated by the weather.


Be good to have some familiar faces around

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