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My son (30) has asked if there are any second hand kayaks around? He is quite broad minded as to what he might end up with but is looking for something with dry storage to maybe carry some camping stuff. A river boat would do, he thinks, but I would be minded to look for something of a higher class for when he gets into it proper. He's not a big angler and angling isn't the primary aim, but a consideration if the yak is appropriate.


Anything out there - any suggestions?


I know this is a bit 'loose' but just getting a feel for it before setting a budget.




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And remember, if you get a "good" make, the resale will be more or less the same.

If you bought one for £700, I've no doubt you could sell it in two years time for £550?

There is a Kaskazi d2 on eBay right now.

Mine is hammered after 3 years. I could still sell it for £1000. Paid £1600

The one on eBay will go for about £1200

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