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Is your plotter slow in showing its direction?

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Not sure everyone knows but Lowrance has come up with a fast GPS antenna called Point 1


The Point-1 easily connects to any HDS Gen2, HDS Gen2 Touch or Elite-7 display or any NMEA 2000® network. It is fully waterproof and can be pole or surface mounted on any boat.


It is not cheap, about £190 but as it has a built in electronic compass which sends directions to your plotter a greater number of times than the older style. Some people have found they can hover precisely over the mark/wreck without having to anchor just need to juggle the throttle to keep on station.


Thought some might be interested.


For more info see here https://www.lowrance.com/Root/Lowrance-Documents/Point-1-FAQ-EN.pdf or just Google it.



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Looked at those Dave as I have that problem with the internal aerial on the Lowrance.


They have to be at least 1 METRE away from any vhf aerial, they also have to connect to a nmea system, and not directly to the plotter like the older style aerials. Not enough room on my roof for one .


Cheaper than the LGC 4000 they used to make, that was £400 !!


The internal aerial is fine once moving, but is a bit slow updating at slow speeds, apparently because mine is fitted flush in the dash according to Lowrance !

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Rob,  spoke to Lowrance couple months ago and they told me the LGC 4000 was no longer available...........would rather have that one as it is a direct fit to the plotter.


Where did you see them for sale in the UK ?



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