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I know  a few of the members get involved in Hunting and Shooting as well as Fishing so I thought I would post a link to  my latest boy toy purchase a Bushcarver S2 custom made knife by Adrian Etheridge of Chyrose Knives.



The Link below shows the making of my actual knife but the pictures of the final product don't provide the full experiece of handling and using such a superb peice of craftsmanship.Skip to the end to see the finished product.

Dealing with Adrian was a great experience he is a top guy highly recommended.




The knife is made of RWL34 stainless steel with Micarta Handle Scales. It is an extremely hard (62.4 rhc) steel and very corrosion resistant. The edge is Razor Sharp.

I thought I had managed to get some good edges on my filletting knives until i experienced this it is in a different league.


Anyway If any of you are after a QUALITY knife have a look at Adrians website.

I am over the moon with mine and it was extremely reasonably priced considering the labour and skill that went into it and its leather sheaths'  production .



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Its so sharp a drop of superglue is all that's needed ;)


Seriously I have never experienced a blade as sharp as this before and the steel has been selected to hold an edge see what some animal did with a similar RWL34 blade in these videos






Sacrilage  :angry:

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Cleaning My Nails Rob :D


Bought it for a number of different reasons

1. As an investment .

2. As an item that demonstrates and promotes a skilled artform

3. For general meat prep work where blade edge  won't be  affected by hitting or cutting through bone .

4. As a tool that doesn't require constant resharpening and will last a lifetime

5. Finally any other reason.I can think of ....cos I will use it!!! B)

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I am a bit of a knife freak I love the workmanship, so I have hand made and top notch ones hence 20 +, one made by the kill bill sword maker I have been collecting for 30 years so enjoy something well made and fit to do the job

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