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Ron Elliot

Recommendations for plotter - fishfinder

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looking to buy a plotter- fishfinder and wondered if anyone could let me have some recommendations for one up to the £500 mark


Been looking at the humminbird range but not getting very far as there are quite a few models available.


Thanks in advance

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I have just installed a Raymarine Dragonfly 7 on my boat


I am very impressed with the detail on the chartplotter


and the depth sounder is clear


This model also has sonar for more detailed view if the bottom.


I used to be a Garmin man but I have now changed my views


You are welcome to come and have a look at it on the boat



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If you intend fitting a combined unit, don't go too small. I've got a Lowrnce HDD5 and was always switching between plotter and sonar as the screen is too small in split mode.
I therefore fitted a Lowrance Elite 7xHDi. And use the HDS5 as plotter only.

As Rob said, the Dragonfly can't be interfaced with your VHF radio, unless they've brought out a later model.



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I'm also going to be in the market for a new multi-function device in April for the cockpit where there is no protection.


Am looking for waterproof, 7" display, buttons in preference to touch screen, split screen options good sonar capabilities, AIS overlay, and the capability of interfacing with radar (if I ever replace the current 2001 Raymarine unit).


Just to add complexity, ideally I'd like good "home waters" charts installed as standard, with extensive "base" charts, and the ability to upgrade charts as needed at low cost.


Anyone with experience of similar?



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thanks for the reply's



think I'm going to go for a separate plotter and keep the current humminbird fishfinder. The maps for the humminbird plotters are a bit expensive and hard to come by for the uk being a usa manufacturer.       


both the Raymarine and the Lowrance look like nice units and think i will keep an eye out for a ebay bargain as i'm not in a particular hurry.


regards Ron 

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