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Tiddler Nips out

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Tiddler Nips out.


Jacqui said at 1:30 yesterday " we could have gone out in the boat "


I'd planned an early start on Sunday ( on my own )

But what man could resist his lovely wife wanting to get the tackle out ? ? ?  :P

We had a quick bit of lunch and got the boat ready. I was proud of Jacqui, getting stuff ready and getting it right !.

I nipped up and re-filled my petrol tank - - - - - even better than I thought. - - - Only £12.60 to fill it back up.  Wicked.

Launched just after 2:30 and Jacqui got her brave head on and brought us out of the marina and all the way to the harbour entrance. It was very busy and quite lumpy so she asked me to take over.

We spotted Mike & Carol on Frisky on our way out and waved to them. I didn't ask Jacqui to stop, she's only just trying to get the hang of things.  :)

We saw lots of fishing boats including charters inside the harbour and thought it must be rough outside but no !  It wasn't too bad at all !

We headed off to B/mouth pier for a bit of maccying.

We had 10 & 3 scad between us  :D

The sea was getting a bit lumpier so we headed back at a steady 15 knots.

Back on the slip by 5:45.

Home for a curry & a few beers.


Luuuuuuuuvly !


Doing a few jobs today !






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You realy are getting the hang of it now jim


Mrs talking you into going out, and doing the work


You will be telling us that she lit the BBQ next, put the mackeral on and poured you a beer next. Lol


I think I need to work on THAT Charlie ! :P




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