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Landyards- Stop your tackle going overboard!

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After a couple of recent threads which detailed the loss of rods and reels into the briney, I thought I'd make some landyards up.


After choking on the per-metre price of 3mm line in the local chandleries, and not liking how stiff that stuff is, I ordered 30m of paracord and some nice mini spring-clips off ebay for £17, then realised it was coming from Hong Kong and would take about a month so ordered the same again from someone in the UK! :rolleyes:

Top Tip- check where your ebay bargains are coming from!


Then in Asda today I spotted a packet of 4 paracord guy-lines for £2, so got them as well! :D

When I got home, Postie turned up with the sprung-clips from the UK ebay seller, and so I turned 4 guy-lines and 16 spring-clips into 8 landyards (when the ebay Paracord turns up I'll keep that form something else! :lol: )


Anyway, here's one of them:



My plan is to use the big clip (which is still tiny) around the rail (or other attachment point on the boat) and the small clip in a loop around the reel-seat.

The clips were about a quid each and the line was 25p per landyard.

Hopefully will be a bit quicker than tying knots every time.

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