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Hi guys, could somebody please tell me if there is a welcome pack explaining about your club. I would like to join a club and have researched quite a bit and wherever I look I keep finding your club as being the best. I am new to boat fishing and have a 16 ft osprey with a 70hp evinrude on the back. I am not a complete novice however and have previously been out on charters and am experienced from the shore.I have been out on beo wolf from poole and think what you have on offer to you is amazing. I am unfortunately based in cheltenham and therefore not able to attend A lot of meetings but would love to learn from what seem like a great bunch on here. Thanks Steve

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Hi Steve and welcome to our forum and what we think is the best south coast small boat angling club


Loads of information on the forum, have a poke around and see.  if you have any specific questions just ask away the guys are very helpful and friendly


If you send Brian an email:brunyard@hotmail.com he will forward you an info pack

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