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live bait

Apparent malware from PBSBAC site

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Hi admins, I logged on today for the first time in a few days and Norton flagged up an intrusion message re "Styx exploit kit 6" from "fynj.selected usp.us".


It then flagged up another attempted intrusion under another name a minute later. Just to let you know ......


Sorry if this has already been reported.




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OK. exploit comes from an infected website - as in a malicious one, which I think the user is directed to via an unsolicited email.


eg. In spite of the availability of patches for known vulnerabilities such as CVE2013-0422, CVE-2010-0188, etc., this exploit kit still targets these vulnerabilities. McAfee recommends that you install the latest patches for Javaicon1.png and Adobe Reader.

We advise our customers to pay extra caution when opening unsolicited emailsicon1.png and unknown links.

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