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Ice Ice Baby

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After asking about ice yesterday I contacted Igloo Ice in Southbourne.

The lovely lady there, Maggie, mainly caters for clubs, pubs etc, but was really kind and put me (Us) onto her own supplier.

For anyone needing crushed ice for a trip, please consider contacting.

Ask for Nick Mould

Mention Pool Bay Small Boat Angling Club for trade rates.
Nick will supply crushed ice in 13.5Kg boxes at �4.50 per box to club members.
The price is for ice that is collected from him.

Contact details:
South Coast Ice Ltd
Unit 7
Stepnell Reach
541 Blandford Rd
BH16 5BW

tel: [+44] 1202 622267
fax: [+44] 1202 625778




Please note I have nothing to do with them or this deal. I just felt it was really kind of Maggie to steer me to her own wholesale supplier.
I hope other club members can benefit from a steady supply of ice at a fair price.


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Cool rolleyes.gif


Very "Dry" Martin.


I must be on form picking up on that. Wonder if anyone else will slip up and spot it. I'll be sliding over there and getting two or three of their boxes for Alderney.

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To fill (well half fill) one of those 135L Igloo boxes isn't it going to take a fair bit more than 3 boxes?


Edit. 13.5kg is about 15L so to half fill would be about 4.5 boxes.

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if you have a 135l box then the answer must be yes.......... I have a 72 and 13.5kg is about what we used to stick in it for a trip


beers, butter and bacon on ice on the way out, bait added as we went and fish replacing beer through the trip.......... still a lot of ice 4 days later.


13.5 kg at 50% by volume (?) will be about a 20% off a 135l box - leaving the sort of volume Dean might consider appropriate for beer laugh.gif


I will certainly try and use this supplier as well - either in conjunction with others or on my own. Be good to establish 'collection hours'. Will be useful for general boating (especially for Rockley boats!) and the quality of the product suggests G&T could be on the menu as well... rolleyes.gif

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