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  2. Alderney 2018

    Neil I would advise going with at least 1 other person to Alderney on your boat, it will halve the cost to start with and you don't want to be on your own in unknown waters even if other members are nearby on boats, things can happen (eg rope round a prop) and you really need someone else on board. I love it but area round Alderney is not what I would call friendly waters, it can cut up rough, and there are rocks all around the Islands. If I were you I would fill up at Yarmouth before setting off to cut down on the distance, run your boat at the most economic speed that make good headway and make straight for Braye to fill up. I would take extra fuel in 20l tanks but not plan to use it, fuel is cheaper there (no VAT).
  3. Alderney 2018

    Hi Yes we did the trip twice on freeboys, (I think the smallest club boat to do the trip) neither time required more than one fuel to up from mainbrace. We did take a lot of fuel across in cans on the first trip but second we got.it from inner harbor on Alderney with no problems. I'd be happy to discuss with anyone if you pm me! I'd also really like to go this year so if you have a space let me know
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  5. Saltwater Boat Angling

  6. flounder fishing in the harbour

    Yes; I'm one of a few that fish evenings from a boat in the harbour . I have had a few nice fish over past few years but caught just as much from the shore. Sorry to be negative but I feel sure it's never going to be what it was . All of us need to be happy with a fish or two on that odd occasion from the harbour . Those old favourite areas that were kept a little hush have also been very poor . Christchurch harbour is the same , a decent Flounder is now a rare prize along with loads of other harbour species .
  7. Saltwater Boat Angling

    I don't get the mag anymore, what we in there for?
  8. flounder fishing in the harbour

    Hi Hooky thank you, seems the trend is no matter where you fish there arent any flounders i also fish hard for cod around the needles thats hard work as well???? i will give it 3 more trips and wash the dinghy down till next November Hooky do you boat fish for flounders? i have heard several of your clubs members talking on the vhf it looks like on the right forecast push off shore to get some sport once again thanks
  9. flounder fishing in the harbour

    Holes bay has been hammered, I have seen a few bait boats circling and dredging on many occasions. Last years shore competition was a total failure, 64 anglers , three fish caught (up by the railway bridge ) Nothing positive to report from any location or area !
  10. Saltwater Boat Angling

    I see we're on page 7 of the February issue.
  11. Reason to wear a lifejacket

    AS you say Mike: Horrifying.
  12. Reason to wear a lifejacket

    Horrifying.... https://www.express.co.uk/travel/articles/906397/Viral-video-watch-fishermen-Oregon-boat-crash-save-life Mike
  13. flounder fishing in the harbour

    Hi Lofty thank you for your reply seems its scarce for everyone not just me i am trying again tomorrow hope my luck changes and the seal has disappeared.Still hoping some of the other flounder fisherman will get in contact for a wider range of views
  14. flounder fishing in the harbour

    Hi Malc. Sure we've chatted before as i paddled past in my kayak. Seems the flounder are very scarce. Not heard of many good sessions.
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  16. Alderney 2018

    1. Tigerfish - Steve + Terry + 2. Reel Magic - Dave + 3. Joint Venture - Adam + Ian + Alun + Rob (i ahev taken the liberty to add the usua;l A-Team) 4. Madness - Martin - Dean - Tony 5. Sweet Chariot - Oli + Nick +
  17. Alderney 2018

    Depending on dates, I would like to put myself up for crew/ballast duties !?! A short Friday to Sunday ?? I’ve decided it’s all a bit too much for me to take my own boat ! I also understand that regulars will take first dibs , so no hard feelings if I’m overlooked ☹️ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Alderney 2018

    We're keen, would probably do a crack of dawn Friday, back Sunday. Crew TBC 1. Tigerfish - Steve + Terry + 2. Reel Magic - Dave + 3. Joint Venture - Adam + 4. Madness - Martin - Dean - Tony 5. Sweet Chariot - Oli + Nick +
  19. flounder fishing in the harbour

    Hi Rob thanks for the reply certainly this winter November December and early January i have really struggled there was a seal 20 metres away watching me on the last trip i have found every 3 or 4 years i seem to struggle i reassess what i am doing then go back to what i have always done and the next winter its all ok again????
  20. flounder fishing in the harbour

    Hi and Welcome! I think the flounder fishing has gone down hill in the last 10 yrs. Not one of my target species, but that is the impression i get. We have our flounder comp scheduled for Sunday, and usually it is a close fought battle but the fish are scarce. Rob
  21. LIFE JACKETS requred

    Look forward to a Life Jacket clinic refresher. Would be good for the newer members and Good for Me 'cos' I forget things. Jim
  22. LIFE JACKETS requred

    Totally agree , three new life jackets are my very first purchase before picking up my new boat this weekend . Inshore flare pack next Vhf ( not sure if the old one will be any good after getting a little damp) etc, etc ,
  23. LIFE JACKETS requred

    Hate to say it but is your life worth a second hand life jacket? Too many are sold that are faulty at boot shows etc. Anything over 10years old you should really think about replacing anyway. I have seen too many that have not been looked after or checked regularly and suffer accordingly Perhaps its time we had a lifejacket clinic at a club meeting, I am sure Mike & I can arrange to do it.
  24. LIFE JACKETS requred

    or add them for not a lot of money. A life jacket without one can assist in drowning you!
  25. flounder fishing in the harbour

    Hi Hope i have done everything right.I fish the harbour for Flounders mainly Holes Bay from November to February ive fished hard since 1988 would like to compare notes and get heads up about flounder fishing from a local some of you will have waved to me in Holes Bay i am a member of PHA and keep my dinghy in the racks at the slipway i did contact a local called Alan Rogerson about 15 years ago but have lost contact with him.Hope some one can help thanks
  26. LIFE JACKETS requred

    A crutch strap is very important, make sure your choice has them.
  27. Dutch electric pulse fishing

    There is a petition to try and stop this on WSF
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