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  2. Alderney 2018

    Well I'm sure the boat will handle it just fine, probably wouldn't get a lot of fishing done which is the whole point of going....
  3. Alderney 2018

    Crikey. Let's hope they aren't coming back tomorrow:
  4. Alderney 2018

    Silver Spray has gone over so I was told (very surprised given the forecast), Last Laugh cancelled. So we may get info from their facebook page
  5. Alderney 2018

    Can you ask him if there's been much caught too Charlie?
  6. Alderney 2018

    I have messaged Mark Harding to ask both of these questions
  7. Alderney 2018

    Blimey your quick!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Alderney 2018

    All sorted
  9. Alderney 2018

    Oh, not sure what happened there ? X5 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Last week
  11. Out this afternoon

    Well done putting the Bass back. Not worth the risk ! Jim
  12. Happy Birthday Tiddler

    It's an age thing Mal !
  13. First trip out on Wishin Too this year

    Nice one mate we nurse sore heads at home sorting the garage out after getting up at 11 what light weights
  14. Safety Issue with out of date flares

    Hi Mike well done sorry I did not respond I did not see the post first time.
  15. Safety Issue with out of date flares

    Hi All, Disposed of my out of date flares today at the Poole RNLI Gatehouse. They just required my Surname and 24hrs notice. No hassle they just locked them into a steel box outside for safe disposal. Could not be easier Mikey B
  16. Saturday gave the top side a good clean with the family,Sandy loves playing with the pressure washer so I was able to clean sink area etc. Sunday with a mild hangover from a great dinner dance....thanks for organizing Mal[emoji106] I went out about 8.15 with bream as my target . Tried by Ballard just below Joint Venture but missed my only bite so moved into Swanage bay to find Chris and Mal there on kinkyfisher [emoji23] Wasn’t to long and they come on the feed slowly with largest at 2 1/2 lb all went back as full of eggs,only 4 or 5 but target achieved.It then died with the tide so tried several places in the bay but my head was banging so in just after lunch. Great to be out and she goes great with the brand new leg
  17. Out this afternoon

    Not much around between the piers Friday, Managed a couple of Pin whiting is all. Tried a few of the rock marks but tough going as there is Net or Pot markers from Poole rocks to Bournemouth pier rows and rows of them. So keep an eye out on a big tide some where not very well marked as always! Moved into the entrance and as it was quite took a few drifts along the bank and then past the castle. Some very nice Ballan wrasse where taken on each drift a couple over 5lbs, which on light gear is good fun. We had a few worms left to drown Saturday morning as the boat was still in it would be rude not to! Decided to try the whych channel as we have had a few nice plaice from there in the past, And I saw a few fish where landed on the plaice chase a few weeks ago. No plaice but we did manage a few nice size Bass which would have been good eating size a couple of them, but they where returned
  18. Happy Birthday Tiddler

    I thought I had done this already, idiot Mal. My excuse is it was at the top of new activity for some reason.
  19. Happy Birthday Tiddler

    Happy birthday Mr Raffle winner, can the rest of us have a chance sometime please. Have a good one, plenty of CAKE. YOU LIKE CAKE.
  20. Breakdown

    Result! R
  21. Breakdown

    Cheers Martin, gonna cost a few hundred quid time the bits fitted , tiny little bit on top of ECU on THE MF695 under the seats, at least its peace of mind though !!!
  22. Breakdown

    That's good news that it was only a relatively minor issue
  23. Breakdown

    Engineer went to boat Saturday and put his Vodia machine on , he cleared several minor codes, apparently the problem I had was the THROTTLE POSITION SENSOR playing up!! Cleared the code and all ok, but I have asked him to fit a new sensor anyway. He also checked fuel pick up in tank but that was all ok.
  24. Sikaflex et al

    Thanks for additional info.
  25. Sikaflex et al

    I bought a load of similar stuff years ago from In-excess and stored it in the garage. I intended putting shelves in my Warrior. Didn't get around to it. The stuff went hard and ended up in the bin. Ah well. I'll remember this tip. Thanks. Jim
  26. Sikaflex et al

    I have a big bag of 'tubes' in the freezer, done it for years, it works. For quick use afterwards soak in hot water.
  27. Sikaflex et al

    Useful to know!
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